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Yamai Devi Rashin

A temple belonging to Goddess Mahishasur Mardini Yamai, Yamai Devi Temple lies atop a hill and it takes a rugged road with stepladders to get there. The image of the goddess here is roughly 2 meters tall. Made in black stone, it is highly revered by the people of Maharashtra.

Considered a family shrine or kuldevata, this temple also has a museum in its premises. Called Shri Bhavani Museum, this temple has artefacts belonging to the erstwhile Maharajas of Aundh.

The temple architecture includes beautiful images of gods, especially at the shikhar. One can find a head belonging to Rakshas Aundhasur. There is also a well-carved Nandi here, which gives one a sense of peace. There is a Shivling in the temple that is also worth a look.

Historical Significance of Yamai Devi

Skanda Purana has it that the mother earth was once under the rule of demons. A demon by the name of Rakta Beej was much feared in those times. The said demon had a boon from Lord Shiva and he used his powers with impunity.

The sages prayed to adimata Shakti to protect them all from the demon. The goddess finally descended in the form of Devi Yamai and killed the demon.

Devi Yamai has been thereafter worshipped in Karjat in Ahmednagar and is known to protect her devotees from all misfortunes that might befall on them.

Routine of the Temple

Ample care is taken to ensure that the temple is pure and pristine, all the while. The same is cleaned and washed every month. The Devi is worshipped twice a day in the temple and nitya pooja is done twice every day.

Those who wish to visit the deity early in the morning can expect the blessings early in the morning as the mahadvars of the temple complex open up early at 4 am. It is believed that the morning pooja is done in order to wake up the deity from sleep.

Morning rituals entail bathing the deity with honey, milk, yogurt and panchamrut. The deity is thus covered with what is known as mahavastra. The forehead of Yamai Devi is thus beautified with chandan. Naivaidyas or offering made from pedas are also offered to the deity.

As the morning rituals get completed, the Devi is offered maha naividya in the afternoon. The people of Rashin have deep faith in Yamai Devi and all important events are held with the blessings of Yamai Devi only.

How to Reach

Rashin which is home to the famed temple of Yamai Devi lies in Nashik division of Maharashtra. Rashin is situated 90 km south of Ahmednagar. It lies 18 km from the town of Karjat and is around 265 km from Mumbai.

By Road

The nearest town to Rashin is Karmala. Karmala is 24 km from Rashin and one can head by road from Karmala to the village of Rashin.

By Rail

Pune Railway Junction located at a distance of 124 km from Rashin is the nearest railhead. Trains from multiple locations throughout the country connect Pune.

By Air

Pune Airport is the nearest one to Rashin and one needs to head by road from Pune to Rashin for paying their obedience at Yamai Devi temple.

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