Several rivers like Bhima River, Mula River, Godavari River and many other rivers which flow across Maharashtra state have number of constructed dams. These dams constructed on the diverse rivers which flow through Maharashtra are mainly meant for the consumable water needs of close by towns. Few of the dams of Maharashtra state are located in the mid of flourishing green and beautiful natural surroundings which draws lots of tourists from several regions of India. Maharashtra state roughly has 1822 numbers of notable dams and some of the dams have hydroelectric power generating plants for state grid.

Most Prominent Dams in Maharashtra

Mula Dam in Maharashtra

Mula Dam located nearby Baragoan Nandur Village is a noteworthy dam of Maharashtra State. Mula Dam was basically constructed for supplying drinking water from its reservoir, known as Dnyaneshwar Sagar, to nearby towns such as Rahuri and Ahmednagar district. Mula Dam is the largest dam of the district of Ahmednagar and was constructed in the year of 1974. This dam is situated in the picturesque backdrop and a well-known place of tourist’s attraction.

Koyna Dam in Maharashtra

Koyna dam is another main dam of Maharashtra state which is located in Koyna Nagar. The Nath Sagar or the Jaikwadi Dam is located nearby Paitan which is situated nearly 50 km distance away from district of Aurangabad. This dam, constructed on Godavari River, is at a distance of about 115 km from district Ahmednagar.

Ujani Dam in Maharashtra

Ujani Dam is constructed on the Bhima River and very popular site of the Maharashtra state. Ujani Dam is located Pune district’s Taluka of Indapur. It occupies very large area for rainfall collections. Thus, collected rainfall water envelops a vast area and is regarded as very suitable traveler’s target of Maharashtra state.

Mulshi Dam in Maharashtra

Mula River has got a very well known dam named as Mulshi Dam which is situated in the district of Pune. This dam and its water are solely used for farming irrigation purposes. Mulshi Dam is operated by Tata Power Company Ltd., to produce electricity at nearby sited Bhira Hydroelectric Power Plant. The power thus generated by Mulshi dam is primarily used to illuminate Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra.

Panshet Dam in Maharashtra

Another main dam of Maharashtra, Panshet Dam, was commissioned only for rural agriculture purposes nearly 40 years back and is the main water source for the Thane district. This multipurpose dam is about 90 meters in height and nearly 960 km in length which is used for Hydro-electric Power generation and irrigating the agricultural lands for better crops.

Bhandardara Dam in Maharashtra

Bhandardara Dam is one of the oldest, important and major dams of the Maharashtra state. Bhandardara Dam was built and erected in 1926 over Arthur Lake of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. This dam is very famous for its sightseeing and scenic tourist attractions. Bhandardara dam is constructed at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level and one of the oldest dams of Asia. Umbrella falls is the chief attraction of this dam which has breathtaking sights for tourists. Radha falls is another water fall located about 12 kilometer away from Bhandardara dam.

Vaitarna Dam in Maharashtra

Vaitarna Dam of thane is separated into three parts namely upper Vaitarna Dam, middle Vaitarna Dam and lower Vaitarna Dam according to the stream of the Vaitarna River.  The Upper Vaitarna Dam is located in Thane district having nearly 22 km distance away from Khodala town. This Dam is considered important because it is the main water supply source of Mumbai, the capital city.

Pawna Dam in Maharashtra

Pawna Dam is very near to Lonavala which was built across Pawna River and thus the name. The surrounding area of this Dam is acknowledged as one of the best tourist target where visitors can enjoy the ferryboat services across the river to promote the sightseeing in Lonavala.

Girna Dam in Maharashtra

The Girna Dam is situated in the district of Nasik in Maharashtra state. This dam is drained by Godavari River and Girna River, the two main Rivers of Maharashtra. Girna Dam was built for the specific purpose of field irrigation after collecting the over flow water of these two Rivers during rainy season.

Nandur Madhmeshwar Dam in Maharashtra

Nandur Madhmeshwar Dam is under construction and is being taken care by the state Government of Maharashtra. The basic reason for the construction of Nandur Madhmeshwar Dam is to facilitate and enhance the water irrigation of the area.

Kolkewadi Dam in Maharashtra

The Kolkewadi Dam is an essential part of the hydroelectric project of the Koyna Dam which is located in the region of Konkan of Maharashtra state. The Kolkewadi Dam is situated at the site which is largely the sparingly inhabited area of Maharashtra state.

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