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Pawana Dam

Built on Pawana River near Lonavala, Pawana Dam attracts several tourists. The cool climate and fresh air of the area make it a destination worth visiting. Still unexplored widely, the dam and the lake area offer some amazing views of nature. From Pawana Dam visitors can get explicit views of the Logagarh, Tungi and Tikona forts. Pawana Dam is located about 7 Km from Lonavala and about 19 Km in the interior of Kamshet. The area is gradually gaining popularity and today is visited by people from near and far.

Pawana Dam is a gravity dam that has been used for generating electricity and supplying water for irrigation. The dam is constructed as a simple embankment and makes use of its own weight to resists the force that is imposed by the water. Pawana Dam is 139 ft. high and is 4360 ft. long. The area is being developed into a tourist spot and several people visiting Lonavala and Pune make sure to make a stop at Pawana Dam. The dam is easily accessible from both Pune and Lonavala.

Pawana Dam is a cool place to relax and enjoy. The route to Pawana Dam is quite scenic and the area is best visited during the monsoon months when the region is lush green. People looking for a peaceful weekend getaway where they can relax and enjoy, Pawana Dam is great to visit. The area is nestled among the Sahyadri ranges. There are several chalets and luxury houses around the area where visitors can stay and enjoy the splendor of the area. Even though Pawana Dam is located close to Lonavala it is less crowded but an excellent spot to visit and have fun.

Highlights of the Area

Pawana Dam and Lake are steeped in natural beauty. The fresh air and cool surroundings make it an excellent attraction to visit. Several people come to Pawana Dam to enjoy the natural surroundings and various water activities. The area offers boating and motor boat rides across the lake. Even during the sunny days the sun peeps into the blue waters creating golden ripples. The view is overwhelming and a treat for nature lovers. The area has inspired several photographers, poets and writers to capture some spectacular work.

There are resorts and chalets around Pawana Lake where visitors can stay and enjoy the serenity and beauty. There are several small detours from Pawana Dam that can be visited when visiting the dam and the lake.

Other Attraction at the Area

The areas of Pawana Dam and Pawana Lake are wonderful attractions. Around Pawana Lake there are forts of Logagarh, Tungi and Tikona, which can be seen. All these forts can be seen easily from the Pawana Lake area. These are historical forts that can be easily visited and explored.

When visiting Pawana Dam, a visit to Lonavala is also recommended. Visitors can also spend time at Kamshet. The Bushi Dam is also easily accessible from Pawana Dam and is another good picnic spot. The Karnala Fort is located about 74 Km from Kamshet and makes a good place to spend some time at.

How to Reach

Pawana Dam can be accessed from Pune and Lonavala by road.

By Air

Pune can be accessed by flights. The Pune Airport is located about 10 Km from the city. The airport is connected to local and international destinations by flights. Some of the major destinations of India connected to Pune include Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, etc.

By Train

Pune has a railway station that is well-connected. Trains connect all major cities of India to Pune like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, etc.

Lonavala also has a railway station that is connected to Pune and Mumbai.

By Bus

Pune is easily connected by road; it is connected by expressway and national highways to major cities in the surroundings states. From Pune visitors can take the Kamshet route which is at a distance of 50 Km from Pune. From Kamshet there is a small road that leads to Pawana Dam. There is another route from Pune that travels via Pirangut, Kolvan and Hotle to Pawana Dam. Buses are also available from Kamshet to Pawana Dam.

From Lonavala visitors can take taxis or cars to reach Pawana Dam.

Best Time to Visit

Pawana Dam can be visited at any time of the year. However the monsoon months are the best to visit the area. This is when the area is in full bloom and visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature.

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