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Nightlife In Maharashtra

It is important to enjoy the night life for the people after a long day at work. There are different pubs and discotheques in Maharashtra that provide the rich and middle class people to let their hair down and unwind themselves. Bars serve varieties of drinks according to the requirements and the specifications of the users. Although the night life cannot be compared with that of Paris or New York but it is in a class of its own. Small bars are located in the state where people can have drinks and snacks.

Nightclubs in Maharashtra

All the bars and pubs play high octane music where people shake their bodies and dance till the wee hours of the morning. It is a wonderful place to rock and relax. The night life in Mumbai is very famous because the city never sleeps. Although the pubs are not located in every lane of the city, they are numerous and the laser techniques create a soothing ambience. Amazing dance numbers are played and people chill out in an impeccable fashion. Beach club or night bar provide same entertainment to the urban people after a hectic schedule in the day. Music and drink flow providing energy to the party goers who can also sweat the additional calories by dancing. Mumbai is the only place when you can find tea stalls open all through the night. It is ranked as the best city in India with a wonderful night life.

Night Life beyond Clubs and Bars

If one is tired of visiting different pubs and bars in Maharashtra, there are other exciting night activities for the people.  Long drive along the Mumbai coastline is an amazing option for the people and they can also visit a place called bade Mia. It is a stall behind TAJ hotel where paneer along with chicken rolls are available to the customers till the wee hours of morning.  One can visit Chowpatty and taste the pizzas as well as juices. Different types of ice creams are also available in the area.  Majority of the people sit with their friends under the sky and enjoy traditional food such as Vada pao and Pani Puri. Spicy delicacies of Bhel puri are quite famous among the customers who also want to hog on to the roasted peanuts. One of the best ways to enjoy the night life of Mumbai is to occupy a corner of the seat in a coffee shop and watch the world go by.

Experience the Mumbai Night

A western traveler will find Mumbai no different from the other European capitals where people can party and drink all night. Numerous discotheques and night clubs welcome the people who can spend it in a wonderful atmosphere. Music combine with dance and drinks makes the whole environments special. People will never feel out of place because they can easily dance to some awesome English numbers.

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