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Pandavgad Falls

The Pandavgad waterfalls are 350 feet tall and can be found on the road connecting Thane and Belapur. It is situated on a hilly region and has a famous cave at its base. Pandavgad waterfalls are different from other waterfalls in the state due to their peculiar structure. Nangrya is the secondary waterfall that is found in this area. There is a picturesque fort situated on top of the mountains and it is situated in the Wai Village. As tourists travel along the road connecting Wai and Maandhardev, they can find these waterfalls covered with beautiful cliffs and rocky surfaces.

This waterfall hold rank no.29 in the country in terms of height and it is situated in close vicinity to the Owe Camp. The waterfalls got its name predominantly due to the fact that the Pandava kings were staying in these caves during their period of exile. These waterfalls are the abode of the Nature God as they are located in a picturesque place with loads of greenery all around.


It is believed widely even today that the Pandava kings had chosen the caves beside these waterfalls as the place when they were on exile. There is a historic Pandavgad fort near these waterfalls. These waterfalls were believed to have been built by Shilahar king Bhoj II during the period between 1191 and 1192. The Shilahar rulers overpowered the Chalukyan kingdom and then the fort came into existence. During 1673, this fort came under the control of the Maratha kings and it became a part of the Swarajya. However, just in the beginning of the 17th century, this fort came under the ruthless rule of Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb, but was later it was again take back by Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj. Finally in 1818, this fort came under the British rule.


These waterfalls are located along the dense mountain chains that run along the 1200 feet long highway connecting Mumbai and Pune. The Owe Camp that is nearby these waterfalls is just about 3km away and can be found on the road connecting Thane and Pune.  One can find these waterfalls at a distance of about 46km from Mumbai.

The Falls

The total height of the falls is about 351 feet.

The Caves

Just beside the main Pandavgad waterfalls, is the secondary and small waterfalls known as Nangrya. At the base of these waterfalls, one can find ancient caves that can be accessed through a path that is covered by dust and is quite rough. These caves were the places where the Pandava kings stayed during their exile.

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