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Vangani Waterfalls

Vangani Waterfall is one of the most famous historic waterfalls and is situated in the Bedis village. This area is quite close to Vangani town which is in Maharashtra near Mumbai. This waterfall is also widely known as Bhagirath Waterfall and its legends have been associated with Bhagirath, the ancient character from Hindu mythology who is believed to bring Maa Ganga (the river Ganga) on earth with the worship of Lord Mahadev (Lord Shiva).

This is one of the most famous tourist attractions in India particularly for people from Mumbai since it is a one day picnic tourist places, especially during the monsoon since Vangani enjoys heavy rainfall and it leaves the area quite green and pictorially beautiful and mesmerizing for the viewers. Vangani Waterfall is as beautiful as safe. The surrounding area around waterfall offers very quiet, calm and peaceful setting and hence making Bhagirath Waterfall ideal for comforting and soothing in the lap of Mother Nature. People from around the world make a visit to this mesmerizing waterfall for personal gratification.

There is also a dam near Vangani waterfall with the name Bhagirath dam. The specialty of this dam is the verity that Vangani Waterfall does not flow around the year but only during monsoon rains and hence to attract tourism in such a small city of Vangani, the Vangani government built a small dam with name Bhagirath dam at the base of Vangani Waterfall with a purpose to pump down the natural water stream into an in-built concrete tank (it is constructed above the dam). This pumping recreates the waterfall throughout the year to attract the tourists. 

The only problem here is the fact that there is no arrangement of food or snacks in the surroundings area of Vangani Waterfall so one needs to carry his own snacks or refreshment. Despite this problem, this waterfall is worth a watch, especially for monsoon lovers, due to the safe environments, scenic beauty, local areas free of debris and garbage.


The Vangani Waterfall is also well known as Bhagirath Waterfall. Bhagirath, as per the Hindu mythology, was a great ancient king who is believed to be the one who brought river Ganga (Goddess Ganga) on earth. This waterfall has been named over the name of king Bhagirath and this waterfall during monsoon enjoys maximum flow and attracts tourists around the world due to it. There is also the Shankar Temple near this waterfall which is also supposedly related to the legends.


The Vangani Waterfalls is located in western India in the state of Maharashtra. This waterfall is situated in Bedis village of Ambernath Taluka. The waterfall is quite close to Vangani railway station and is at a distance of 2-2.5 hour journey from Mumbai.

The Falls

The Vangani Waterfalls usually enjoys the maximum flow during monsoons. It achieves height of several hundred heights during rainy season.

Bhagirath Dam

People, who visit Bhagirath Waterfall, also make a visit to Bhagirath dam. This is a dam with height of 25 feet and is named over Bhagirath.

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