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Vajrai Waterfall

Vajrai Waterfall is a pictorial waterfall located near the Sahyadri hill (close to Kas plateau). The area is also referred to as Kas flower valley region. The waterfall is at a mere distance of 27 km from Satara city of Maharashtra. This waterfall is accredited as one of tallest waterfalls present in India. Vajrai Waterfall is situated at a height of around 560 m (1,840 feet). The popularity of waterfall has resulted into an immense fame for the Bhambavali Village since tourism has become a key business there for the villagers. This place is jam-packed with incredible natural beauty along with a pleasant soothing climate.

Numerous people around the India and abroad come to Maharashtra to visit the waterfall, especially during rainy season. Normally this waterfall enjoys great flow of water around the year but during rainy seasons it gets special attention due to the heavy water flow and the natural scenic beauty around the waterfall. The waterfall provides various other attractions like boating and mesmerizing caves. The place is also famous due to the religious factors associated with the Vajrai Waterfall.

This waterfall is a hub of beauty, lovely nature, and wild life along with some ancient holy places. To experience the true heaven on earth along with complete serenity, one should certainly visit this place at least once in lifetime. These all together make Vajrai Waterfall famous and a must watch not only among Indian tourists but also among international tourists.


Vajrai (the Vajrai Waterfall) is recognized as Bhambavali village’s well-known historical and devotional place. Tradition recounts (as per the local tribe) that the Marathi Saint Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami climbed this entire mountain in just 3 footsteps and due to this miracle the Vajrai Waterfall got converted into a ‘3 Stair Waterfall Mountain’. From that time onwards, the place has got its religious beliefs among the local tribe of the Bhambavali village. There are also some ancient temples and religious places which are a major tourist attraction here.


The Vajrai Waterfall is located at the Sahyadri hills next to Satara city of Maharashtra. This pictographic waterfall is well renowned for its height along with green valley. As per ecological view, the Vajrai Waterfall height is around 560 m (1,840 ft). The well-known Kas Plateau is close by this Waterfall. The waterfall is at a distance of 27 km from Satara.

The Falls

The total height of the falls is 800 ft.

The Caves

There are many small caves near Vajrai Waterfall which are a chief attraction for tourists beside the waterfall.


Boating is a major tourist attraction in Vajrai Waterfall. The boating is paid and is organized by the government committee that manages the waterfall area. The boating area is in Tapola region.

Urmodi Dam

The project of Urmodi dam is also based on Vajrai Waterfall's river. Actually the birthplace of infamous Urmodi River is believed to start from the Vajrai Waterfall. Tourists who come here also make a visit to this dam for some pictorial views.

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