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Kataldhar Lonavla

Kataldhar is the destination of an amazing waterfall situated in the Ulhas valley at Lonavla in Pune district of Maharashtra. Located at Rajmachi Point which is about 6.5 km away from the main marketplace of Lonavla, the Kataldhar waterfalls is famous among trekkers for its mesmerizing beauty and stunning visuals. It is a tough task to reach the valley for those who have no previous trekking experience because the approach terrain is slippery and steep.

Kataldhar waterfalls are not active throughout the year because the falls are created by rainwater gushing down the valley. The region gets unusually heavy rains which add to the spectacular sight the valleys unfurl at the peak of the monsoon season.

History of Lonavla

Lonavla is a famous hill station of Maharashtra and is known for its abundant natural beauty. Rains simply transform this place into a valley of lush green carpeted land, ponds and waterfalls. The place belonged to the Yadava dynasty. The rough terrains were used by the Malva warriors of Shivaji, the Maratha King to engage in winning battles with the Mughals. The twin hill stations of Lonavla and Khandala were discovered by the then Governor of Mumbai Presidency, John Elphinstone in 1871.


The Kataldhar waterfall is located at Rajmachi Point, just 6.5 km from Lonavla proper. It is near Kune gaon enroute Rajmachi. From Lonavla railway station, one has to go to the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway and look for Gurukul High School. From here, one has to get down to the valley and trek for a good two kilometers to reach the actual spot. It is imperative that you carry strong ropes and quality trekking gears to negotiate the steep climbs and descents that one comes across on the route. It is highly recommended that you have an experienced member in your team who has done the journey earlier and is aware of the location because it is easy to get lost in the vast forest stretch as the route may appear they all look familiar to a new visitor.

Risk Factors

The waterfall increases in intensity as the rains gather momentum. Water level can literally become double in a matter of minutes. It is important not to take undue risks by entering the swimming area when the downpour is heavy.


There is a cave situated below the waterfall but which is hidden from view when the waterfall is at its peak and intense. At times, the cave is easily accessible and is a great place to have food. One can take rest to give your muscles time to recoup after the tiring journey.

How to Reach

Lonavla can be reached by train as well as road. Local trains run from Pune at an interval of two hours. The journey takes 2 hours from Mumbai and slightly less from Pune. All trains travelling from Mumbai to Pune or Pune to Mumbai have halts at Lonavla. The city of Lonavla is on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. There are number of buses, both private and state-run at fairly frequent intervals.

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