The state of Maharashtra has a close proximity to the coasts and it has a 720km long coastline. That only explains the number of beaches that are found here. Each beach in the state is different in its own way and the climate is very pleasant in these beaches all through the year. Some of the beaches of the state are Juhu, Arangal, Madh Island, Marve, Gorai, Manori, Bordi, Arnala, Murud-Janjira, Alibaug and Kihim.

The state is home to some of the bustling, crowded and urban beaches like Juhu and Chowpatty and at the same time, serene, remote and picturesque beaches like Harnai and Bassein. Adventure and temple lovers must visit the Velneshwar, Shriwardhan – Harihareshwar, Murud – Jhanjira and Dahanu - Bordi beaches. Rich and historic culture of the local Portuguese culture is found through remnants of a fort in the Vijaydurg – Sindhudurg and Dahanu –Bordi beaches.

The beaches of the state not only serve as perfect places for unwinding for family vacations, but offer lots of scope to the tourists in terms of participating in adventurous water sports activities, providing huge exposure to the ancient forts, fortresses and temples that are built around the beaches in huge grandeur and enabling the tourists to get to know about the surrounding and less-explored mini villages. Some of the beaches house ancient churches too, that speak volumes about the culture of the place. Most of these beaches are situated in remote places and hence they are peace, quiet and safe for tourists.

Famous Beaches in Maharashtra

Marve-Manori – Gorai

These three beaches are found on the northern part of the state. Marve, especially, is predominantly a village for fishing and is most peaceful of the three. Tourists crowd in huge numbers here to view the sunrise and sunset.  The scenery leading into these three beaches are simply exotic with mist-covered low mountains and greenery all around. Manori and Gorai comparatively are more visited and are widely chosen as destinations for night beach parties. From Marve or Borivali, tourists can take a ferry ride for 15 minutes to reach Manori and Gorai beaches.


Jhanjira is famous for its 300 year old fort that is considered an architectural brilliance even today. This place was the capital of the Sidis and the highlight of this beach is the excellent cover of coconut trees and palm groves all around that make it look scenic and beautiful. Towards the north of this beach, one can find a shrine dedicated to Lord Dattatreya. The deity consists of three heads, symbolic of the three Gods; Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.  In close vicinity to this beach, tourists will be delighted to know of two more peaceful, less-visited beaches; Nandgaon and Kashid. There is a renowned Ganesh temple at Nandgaon and the yearly fair during February is conducted here. The Jhanjira and Nawab caves are other tourist places here.

Mandwa – Kihim

These beaches are found near the tourist destination of Alibaug. These are not spoilt by tourists as they are situated in remote locations.  While Mandwa is calm, peaceful, filled with coconut trees and palm groves and perfect for lazing around, Kihim beach is slightly more adventurous and have more activities. The Kihim beach, especially is a visual delight for the tourists as there are deep and dense forests and greenery all around.  This beach is a birdwatcher’s delight as there are lots of species of birds and butterflies here. Other tourists attractions nearby are the Kolaba Fort, historic town of Chawl that houses the remnants of the Portuguese fort, caves of Buddhist era, Hamam Khana, temples, churches and a synagogue. These two beaches are perfect holiday destinations as there lots of activities one can do and heritage sites one can visit while visiting these beaches.


The entire coastline from Dahanu to Bordi extends to 17km and this beach is found in the Thane district of Maharashtra. This place was originally the area which housed Iran settlers. The main highlight of Dahanu is the quality of the Chikoo fruit available here. There are also lots of fruit orchards here. This place is also mostly visited by the Parsis or Zoroastrians as their main pilgrimage site, Udwada, referred to as the Mecca of Zoroastrians can be easily reached from Dahanu. The phenomenal Fire Temple of the Parsis can be found here. The fire in this temple has been burning non-stop for over a thousand years now.

Shriwardhan – Harihareshwar

The beaches of Shriwardhan offer lots of boating options to the tourists. Tourists can take their boats to explore the depths of the land where the Maratha Prime Ministers were believed to have been existing in the olden days. This huge tourist attraction is known as Peshwa Smarak. One can find lots of tourists here who wish to get sun –bathed in the beautiful bays of Shriwardhan. Harihareshwar beach is known for is grand and ancient temple that is visited by hundreds of pilgrims from all over the country.


These are not only beaches but also amazing forts that stand tall even today, depicting the great rule of the Marathas, especially that of Maratha King, Shivaji. These forts were given more beauty and splendour by the Shivaji during the seventh century. He added more protective walls around the fort, constructed wider cambers inside and set up many towers to make these forts look remarkable. The Sindhudurg fort is set up on a sprawling 48 acres and is an architectural marvel. It was named St. Augustus fort when the British ruled over the place. However, it is commonly known as Ocean Fort. There are temples for deities like Bhavani, Mahadeo, Jarimai and Mahapurush. The temple dedicated to Shivaji is the first and only such temple in the country.

Vengurla – Malvan

Towards the southern coastline of Maharashtra lies Vengurla that contains a wide expanse of fine sands and dense growth of cashewnut, jackfruit, mango and coconut groves. Shri Devi Sateri and Rameshwar temples are the famous temples situated along this coastline. Vengurla, an ancient coastline has seen many rebuilding and reconstructions on it after facing multiple attacks during the years 1664 and 1812. The Vengurla Rocks, or the Burnt Islands, that are in close proximity to the coastline are another major tourist attraction. In the Malvan coastline, one can find two famous forts – Sindhudurg and Padmagad. In the olden days, it was believed that a tunnel connected these two. Malvan is famous for its salt bunks, amazing and intricate Chinese clay pottery work and the delicious Malvani cuisine that has a clearly different taste when compared to Konkani cuisine.


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