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Velneshwar is a quiet, peaceful village situated on the West Coast of Maharashtra. The village is a famous tourist spot and is liked immensely by those who prefer an idyllic place to enjoy some moments of peace and tranquility. Recognized as one of the safest beaches on the Konkan strip, Velneshwar is better known for its clean, white, soft sand beach that compliments the stunning natural beauty that surrounds the place. The popularity of the Velneshwar beach as the perfect vacation destination is growing rapidly. More visitors throng this place during holiday season than ever before.


Velneshwar is a truly remarkable holiday destination for those looking for the best water spot to enjoy the beauty of nature while indulging in swimming and sunbathing. The place is full of swaying green coconut trees while the sea water is smooth and rock less which is one more factor that makes the place unique, safe and attractive.

Velneshwar is a small village to the North of Shastri River. It is not a prominent destination on the tourist map of Maharashtra yet but it is attracting an increasing number of visitors every year. There are lots of things that a visitor can indulge in while in Velneshwar apart from enjoying a long walk on the white sand beach and soaking in the beauty of nature.

Velneshwar is the family deity of the Gokhales, Gadgils and the Savarkars who inhibited the region many decades ago. The name Velneshwar signifies a God who fulfils the wishes of devotees almost instantaneously.

Main Attractions

The Shiva Temple is one of the most famous landmarks of Velneshwar. The temple attracts large crowds during the Maha Shivaratri festival, held every year. There are many other smaller temples dedicated to Ganesha, Vishnu and Kal Bhairavi also present around the Shiva temple around the central sanctum. Tourists can also visit the famous Laxmi and Ganesh temples which are carved from pure white stone sourced from Kashmir. The deity is the Dashbhuja Ganapati or the Lord with ten hands. There is also a Bhakta-Nivas or a place for the devotees to stay built by the Velneshwar Seva Mandal.

The beach however, remains the main point of attraction for the tourists. There is of scope for sunbathing, swimming and sports. Alternately, one can simply laze around under the shade of a beach umbrella or soak in the thrilling beauty of the place lying on one of the numerous hammocks made available by various resorts.

Other Places to Visit Nearby

Tourists generally make it a point to visit Hedvi, a rocky sea shore. The rocky terrain is a great place to go around and offers some enchanting view.

Guhagar is already more popular than Velneshwar and lies about 26 km from Velneshwar. There are some famous temples around Guhagar.

How to Reach Velneshwar

By Road

Velneshwar is about 370 km from Mumbai and around 170 km from Pune. From Guhagar it is about 16 km. There are numerous state and private transport systems available from all major cities of Maharashtra.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Chiplun on the Konkan Railway route. It is 60 km from Velneshwar.

By Air

The nearest airport is the Mumbai Airport at 370 km.

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