Handicrafts in Maharashtra

Given the fact that the population of Maharashtra is the second highest in the nation, the diversity in the state and its affairs of cuisines, customs traditions and handicrafts is natural. The state of Maharashtra has a huge and rich culture of Handicrafts. Apart from that, the state beholds an array of visual and audio delight for the tourists to cherish. Certain cities like that of Pune, Nasik, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Ajanta Ellora Mumbai and Nagpur are the ones that boast of utmost tourist value.

Apart from these, the state also boasts of a very rich and varied culture of Handicraft which is evident from the rich value that they add to the nation’s creative wealth.

The availability of Handicrafts and its diversity in Maharashtra is huge. Their tradition is lent to them by the Mughals, the Marathas and even by the Britishers. The true culture of Maharashtra can be identified with its exaggerated handicrafts. Some of the standout works in the state of Maharashtra includes the famous Sawantwadi work, leather works, Bidri works, weaving, Himru and Mashru, Jewelry, Paintings and much more. They not only highlight the creative spirit of the state but also show their sense of art and design. The handicrafts of the state are also a true representation of the lively spirit of the state.

The most exciting gift of the state is the handicrafts of this place. They not only cater to the eyes but also render a heart a soothing touch that the tourists take back home lively. One of the standout craft in this state is the Sawantwadi state. The weaving culture of the state is very evident and is famed across the nation and even globally. These entire products merge together to make a front of creativity that the state beholds of.

Famous Categories of Maharashtra Handicraft

Sawantwadi Craft

In the district of Sandurg in Maharashtra lies a taluka known as the Sawantwadi. The major reason for its popularity is it exceptional lacquer ware, which is popularly known as the Sawantwadi craft. Somewhere around 17th century, the people of Sawantwadi were introduced to this exuberating form of art. As the time passed, the acceptability and the popularity of this art form grew and later several schools were set up in late 18th and early 19th century focusing upon teaching the Sawantwadi Art.

With increase in demands for these products, locals were also called in and readily accepted artisans who had come to practice this art to Sawantwadi from Goa. Sawantwadi lacquer ware has managed to increase its horizon to several other things like board games, chess sets, candlesticks, small dolls etc. Having said that, a majority of the artist community still thrive by working and crafting the light fittings and lacquered furniture.

The major style of Sawantwadi can be classified into three major forms which are Chitrakatha, Ganjifa and Temple. Originating in the 18th and the 19th century, the playing cards of the Sawantwadi are now reduced to showpieces of extreme commercial as well as artistic value. They are often found in the private collection of museums. Howsoever they are used, the craft of Sawantwadi is known across the world.


A standout contribution from the city of Aurangabad to the sphere of art, the Bidriwar is created by a careful mixture of copper and zinc. These are also garnished by the use of silver that is often used in several styles like under laying, over laying and even embossing. In earlier days, these items served as Hookahs or PaanDaans for the royals and the wealthy. Today, there value has boiled down to mere souvenirs.

Lacquer Ware

Usually the district of Ratnagiri and the place of Sawantgiri are known for its exceptional design. Chittorees were a community who specifically indulged in the creation of these ones. The craft of such designs is an ancient tradition in Sawantwadi and is still quite popular across the district. The toys usually deal with the local images and usually show people in different postures. Fruits, Vegetable etc are also imitated in this art form.

Kolhapuri Chappals

Maharashtra is famous for the Kolhapuri chappals from Kolhapur. These are handmade leather chappals or sandals. The chappals are in huge demand not only inside the country but outside as well because they are simple in look and durable in quality.

Saree Weaving

Saree weaving is another old tradition of the state of Maharashtra. The designs of the Paithani sarees are particularly old. They use hand woven fabric of Silk which is embellished by Zari work of copper and gold. A brocaded saree with a heavy work takes almost 6 months to complete. Another craft that comes from the city of Sholapur is the Narayan Peth. Again woven in classical and luxurious Silk, The saree has a contrasting border of Zari which has ` Rudraksha` motifs. Kosa is the Sanskrit name given o Tussar Silk.

Where to Shop for Maharashtrians Handicraft

These products can be accessed anywhere in the state but the city of Mumbai is not only the financial capital of the country but is also the political capital of the state of Maharashtra serves the tourists with the best options to buy these products. The main attraction of them is its clothes that offer not only the best of contemporary style but also offer the best of traditional clothes. The hustle bustle of the Fashion Street boasts of having the best of contemporary fashion and the rejections of the exports that are available to the locals and tourist at a reasonable cost. Right behind the majestic Taj houses the Cotton World which serves the best of western casuals. Several special accessories like high quality leather belts, games, toys, bags etc can be accessed at the D.N road near the city’s airport. A walk in the same street would make you come at the Khadi Village Industry which offers you the best of Indian classical wear. If one is looking to get their hands on classical and authentic jewelry one must visit Marryoldas Market and Zaveri Bazaars and Clothes which offer the best at reasonable rates. At the famous Haji Ali is Hira Panna Market which is another fascinating place to indulge in such shopping. The newly inaugurated Shopping Center 'Crossroads' is the biggest attraction here. Bandra’s streets and the renowned 'Linking Road' are super houses for bargain and shopping. There are several boutiques for shoes and clothes on the same street.

The area of Dadar is extremely popular for selling the authentic clothes of the state particularly Sarees.

‘Rhythm House’, 'The New Born ', ‘Planet M' and ‘Grooves’ help the tourists to get their hands on the best of music from every genre. The Chor Bazaar (Thieves Market) is another interesting place which sells almost everything under the sky.


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