Land of Rocks

The very first rule of a vacation is to enjoy and have a time of your life. Feeling great on a trip and realizing that it was one of the most memorable trips of your life makes a holiday worthwhile. If you are looking for such a feel good holiday destination in India then you should definitely consider the grand state of Maharashtra which was once ruled by the valiant Maratha rulers. The colorful attire, sweet culture and heartwarming Marathi people of Maharashtra make it one of the heartiest holiday destinations in all of India. On the Arabian Sea coast, the gallant state of Maharashtra very bravely resides. Located on the western coast of India, Maharashtra is said to be the third largest state in the country. It is also the third largest populated state in India. Maharashtra is also one of the most commercially advanced states in the country and contributes to 20% of the total industrial output of India. The history of this majestic state goes back to 2500 years ago. Its history and culture can be seen its beautiful rock sculptures, ancient caverns and monuments and also in its local people.

The forts, temples and caves of Maharashtra truly define its historical beauty. It has so many landmarks and monuments of historical importance situated that it is sometimes also known as “Dagd-Ancha Desh” which means “Land of Rocks”. The state of Maharashtra has a bounty of destinations which might interest a curious tourist. There are abundance of temples, caves, forts, beaches, bird sanctuaries and wildlife sanctuaries situated here.

One of the world renowned tourist attractions in Maharashtra includes the Ellora, Ajanta and Elephanta Caves. These intricately carved caves are an epitome of Indian culture and ancient Indian heritage. There are also many place of religious interest in the state like Bhimshankar, Ganapatipulr, Tujapur, Trimbakeshwar, Shirdi, Nasik, Pandharpur, etc. All of these places have their own fascinating religious history and back story.

Religion and Language the Symbol of Compatibility

The majority of religious population in Maharashtra is that of Hindus. The minority religious population here includes Muslims, Parsis, Buddhists, Jains and Jews. Parsis have their own history regarding their heritage and origin. They were believed to have come from the country of Persia. They settled in the city of Mumbai, built a stable and reputed social community and apparently built a good number of Zoroastrian Fire Temples in the capital city of Maharashtra. Muslims are the second most populated religion in the state and have built many beautiful shrines and mosques in the name of the religion. The Muslims here generally belong to the Sufi cult. There was a time when there were more than 20,000 Jews residing in this state but after migration to Israel the number has dropped to around 3,000. You will still find active Synagogues in cities like Alibaug, Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Revdanda and Pen. Some of the most popular Hindu pilgrim spots in the state include Haji Ali, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Ellora and Ajanta Caves and Osho’s Commune.

The most commonly spoken language in the state of Maharashtra is Marathi. The history of this state goes back to sometime in the 3rd century. The tribal population in the central part of Maharashtra speaks Gondi. The Tapori language of the state also known as vagabond lingo is a slangish tongue spoken by the common youth in the capital city. It has been popularalized because of its constant use in Hindi films. It therefore caught a nationwide frenzy and gained extreme popularity. It is a little harsh to the ears but knowing a few slangs here and will help you in understanding the local people while you are visiting the state of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Ideal Holiday Destination

Maharashtra is deemed to be one of the most hospitable states in India. Every soil particle of its land tries its best to welcome and make sure that you have a great time here. The landscape offers its visitors a pure delight to eyes in the form of majestic waterfalls, beautiful Western Ghat hills and peaceful Northern Deccan Plateau Rivers. The abundance of natural beauty makes sure that the state is the home to a vast variety of marine and bird species. Cruise tours are available for exploring such natural beauties of the state. The sun setting on the western coast line is also an image that would be instilled in your mind till your last breath. The moment when the bright and proud sun is engulfed into the blue of the Arabian Sea is a majestic scene in itself. Don’t hold back, pack your things, gather your friends and family and come visit the spectacularly beautiful state of Maharashtra now!

Heritage of Silver Screen

Everybody knows Bollywood. Maharashtra, especially its capital city Mumbai is known majorly for being the home of Bollywood, the largest film industry in the entire world. Bollywood is named after Bombay which has now changed to Mumbai. The Bollywood film industry has widely evolved over the years. It has become a trend setter of fashion, habits, attires, jewelry and what not. The youth especially are crazy about all the stars and celebrities of the Hindi Film Industry that reside in the city of Mumbai. Moreover, where there are films, there is also fashion. Due to this, Mumbai is also said to be the fashion capital of the country. The Bollywood set trends and norms for the common masses. Many young guys and girls arrive in this city in hope of becoming something big, becoming a star. The common masses blindly follow their idols in their film industry. If a movie, goes viral then the public starts imitating the actor’s style, dress, hairstyle and even dialogue to become cooler and better. The people who come here on a daily basis to attain stardom have to struggle a lot. Some succeed and do become popular while some fail to mark their presence. The city is known to make as well as break dreams. The Bollywood charm of Mumbai makes it worth a visit.

Festive Nights in Maharashtra - A Way of Celebrating Life

The best things about the majestic state of Maharashtra is that despite of the differing castes, religions and creed of the locals, they come together to become one during the festival season. All festivals are celebrated with equal enthusiasm by people of almost all religions. The age old customs, rituals and traditions are heartily followed by the people of Maharashtra so that they don’t lose touch to their cultural roots. Festival season is heightened when various dance, singing, and folk music cultural programs are organized for the audience. Small towns celebrate these festivals more traditionally which involve many sweet religious rituals. The festival season of Maharashtra is best as it is accompanied with color, music, beat and excitement. You should definitely plan a trip to this state during festival season to get a firsthand experience of the celebrations and festivities.

Mumbai - A Surprise That Never Sets Down

Mumbai is one of those cities in India which you can give the title of perfect to. The popular brigade of the city consists of Bollywood film stars and celebrities, high class fashion models, Page 3 Socialites and the wannabes. Mumbai, the political capital of Maharashtra is also known as the industrial capital of India. This city is full of energy and you can see it in even day to day activities. Your journey to Mumbai will start at the Victoria Terminus which is also the major railway station of the city. It is a British built building which is based on Gothic architecture with turrets, stained glass windows and spikes. When you reach Mumbai, go and spend your evening at the Gateway of India. It was built in 1911 in the memory of King George V. Roam around this beautiful place, watch the crowd, feed the pigeons and savor yourself to some delicious “Bhelpuri”. It would be one of the best evenings of your life, for sure. Then take a coffee break at the Taj Hotel of Mumbai which gives a spectacular view of the Bombay Harbor. Take a stroll to the very famous statue of Chatrapati Shivaji. Make sure you get a picture with this statue in the background.

Next day go and visit the famous Prince of Wales Museum. It is an art enthusiast’s heaven. The place contains many artifacts and sculptures of Indian and Tibetan heritage. Then take a cruise to the Haji Ali mosque. The peace amidst the sea is going to give you divine relaxation. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, at Haji Ali your faith for that one God will become stronger than ever. The night time in Haji Ali is great because the mehfil khanas organize mehfils for visitors. The Qawwalis in the name of Haji Ali will echo through the mosque and will give you solitude even amongst such heavy crowd.

Lose Yourself on the Beaches

The beaches are the places where the beautiful land of Maharashtra meets with the divine sea. The view of this heavenly meeting is bound to be nothing but breathtakingly beautiful. Juhu beach is one of the most famous beaches in the city of Mumbai. Get a tan or bask in the glory of the Maharashtrian sun, the choice is yours and the beaches are available for this purpose only. The beauty of sunset on the beaches is another scene that is going to burn into your memory if you ever get the good fortune of seeing it. There are many food stalls and local handicraft stalls on the beaches. You can do some crazy shopping and savor some spicy street food while you are visiting the beaches. Horse and camel ride options are also available for tourists. The ISKCON temple is also a few walks away from the famous Juhu beach. Another colorful, vibrant and fun filled beach of Mumbai is Chowpatty. From acrobat monkeys to fortune tellers to pony rides to tourists and fishermen, everything exotic you will find here. The sandy beach offers a strolling park for many tourists interested in sightseeing.

How to Reach

Mumbai is a very busy city filled with excited crowd. The international and domestic airport is located in Sahar in Northern part of the city. It is about 30 kilometers away from the main city. 37 airlines are serviced by Mumbai. These airlines open access to cities in Asia, in Middle East and also in Europe and United States. Paris, London, Chicago and New York can be accessed from Mumbai. The airport terminals are nicely furnished to satisfy the taste of the international crowd. Bank counters are also available for currency conversion purposes. Taxis and auto rickshaws are available from the airport to all major destinations in the city.

The central and the western railway lines connect Mumbai to all major rail heads in the country. The CST station receives trains from eastern, southern and central parts of India. Bombay Central receives trains from Northern part of India. These two stations are centrally located in the city and you can easily find taxis to reach there.

An interstate bus terminal is located across the Mumbai Central Station. The state buses of Maharashtra only go to Dadar’s Asiad Bus Stand. National Highways link Mumbai to all major parts of India. The NH3 national highway connects it to Gwalior and Indore, the NH4 connects it to Pune and the NH8 to Delhi and Ahmedabad. The Mumbai port is located in southern part of the city and it is responsible to handle one sixth of total borne trade in India. Ferry services are also available to access various parts of Maharashtra. Ferries are available at Prince Dock in Ferry Wharf or near Gateway of India. Also, Mumbai also has its own local railway from Ballard Pier to Wadala.


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