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This website www.discoveredindia.com levies all its sincere efforts to gather complete information about India from rich resources. All the sources are well researched and thoroughly checked to the best possible means, however the site does not take any authentication on every piece of information delineated herein. Any revisionary work is always welcome. The information offered on the site is also subject to change or upgrade with concern to any notification.

The website even does not hold any validation for entire content, pictures and information delivered through different site links and advertisements. No liability will be possessed for any kind of damage, loss, claim or legal issues, which may result concerning to actions taken on basis of site’s contents. The readers must verify, and only they are liable to occurrence of ill effects resulting with refer to content of this website.

It is our stringent attempt to deliver rich, correct and true matter to our readers in regard to different aspects of Indian society. We do not aim to cause any kind of harm to any individual’s well being. Any kind of copying or downloading will therefore be the risk of an individual himself and the website takes no responsibility for it.

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