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There are various helpline numbers in the state of Maharashtra to help the public during dire circumstances. Some of these helpline numbers are exclusive to women, kids, senior citizens, students, etc. Some of the government agencies too have helpline numbers which the public can call anytime during the day to know about the updates of that particular department. These helpline numbers are available 24/7 and are very helpful in case of accidents, fire and other natural calamities that hit the state. Public can refer to this section of the portal to know about the various helpline numbers that they can reach out to in case of crisis situations.

Telecom Department
Directory Enquiry 197
Help 199
Trunk Call Booking 180
Trunk Call Enquiry 181
Trunk Call Information 183
Alarm 173
For Timing  174
Urgent Trunk Call ( Bombay ) 186
For Changes In Number 1951/1952/1954
Phonogram 185
Bill Enquiry 25536199
Computerized Telephone Bill Enquiry 1661
Telephone Complaints 198
Pune Police
Emergency / Control Room 100
Exchange 26122202, 25532041
High Way Traffic Police Enquiry 25819301
Air Port Authority Of India ( Duty Officer) 26685201
General Enquiry 140
Booking 141
Arrival 142
Departure 143
Airport 26689433
Air India 26128190
Cargo 26684877
General Enquiry 131
Booking 132
Arrival / Departure 133
Enquiry 26126575



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