Among the industrialized Indian states, Maharashtra is one of them, extending over mountains of Sahyadri and covering central and western regions of India; the 720 kilometers long Arabian Sea gives it a striking background. Maharashtra state was established on 1st May 1960 by figuring it out of the former state of Mumbai, including mainly the areas where people speak Marathi, likewise former Hyderabad state and also Berar and Central Provinces.

Maharashtra is positioned at 3rd place among the largest Indian states having a large number of tourist spots. There is not one thing which we think and it’s not there in Maharashtra, like there are beautiful hill stations, caves, beaches, abundant wildlife and venerated sacred places. But Maharashtra is more popular among other Indian states because of Bollywood film industry. People who love traveling will find Maharashtra as an absolute tourist place to cherish and enjoy. Maharashtra has a lot of attractions which gives a mesmerizing experience, difficult to forget.

Places to See in Maharashtra

Mumbai - A Surprise That Never Sleeps

An ideal place in India is Mumbai. This city has glamour, good-looking people, models and the fashionistas of Page 3. Mumbai has pulsating energy and is Maharashtra’s capital on political basis and on the other hand, nation’s capital on financial basis. There are Marathis in Mumbai and wonderful structures such as terminus of Victoria, Railhead of World Heritage in Mumbai, a prolific Gothic construction having tainted windows of glass and towers. A visit to ‘Gateway of India’ in evening, which was constructed in 1911 in the honor of King George V. Stroll, is best enjoyed with a ‘Bhelpuri’ packet with pigeons flying in large numbers there. For a lot of tourists are here, the city becomes a memorable experience. A coffee is best enjoyed at the coffee shop of Taj Mahal Hotel with a brilliant view of Bombay Harbour. The sculpture of Chatrapati Shivaji sitting on the back of horse, which is several steps ahead of it, is a famous background for taking photographs with family.

Aurangabad – Window to History

The very old and famous caves of Ellora and Ajanta are there in Aurangabad, which are the two heritage places of historic importance. Apart from the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, there are a number of attractions for travelers who are full of enthusiasm. There are various monuments of history acclaimed nationally, that offer a lot to tourists such as holy places, gardens of royal people. An ideal schedule of tourists includes Bibi Ka Maqbara, Daulatabad fort, Garden of Bani Begum, Panchakki etc. Every corner of this city has many attractions of tourists and the Satmala hills’ caves are there.

Shirdi Sai Baba - Still a Living Legend

Shirdi Sai Baba is a very important saint in Indian history. No such information is there about his birth place, birth, but he spent a remarkable period of life to serve Shirdi people. He was popular because of his plain style of living and the help he offered to many people irrespective of their religion, creed or caste or even color. Whether a queen was there or a beggar, everybody is equal in Baba’s eyes. Whoever came to him never left with empty hands. He solved the problems of health, power or wealth or honor or any other need of people with miracles.

Ganesh Chaturthi - Festival of Lords Birthday

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in the state of Maharashtra with great zeal and enthusiasm. This is a festival of ten days in which giant idols of Lord Ganesha are decorated within the pandals or we can say mandaps which are set by each locality. There are programs of cultural importance held in the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi and the festival is very joyful. People from all religions, creed or caste come and participate in this joyous festival, marking the birth of “Wisdom God’, good luck and success. This festival is celebrated in Hindu month of 'Bhaarapada', falling from 20th of August to 15th of September and one can observe fun and fervor prevailing in the holy atmosphere.

Lonar Crater and Lake - A Dent on Earth

The earth’s biggest crater at third place is the Lonar Crater, which is in Maharashtra’s district of Buldhana. The Lonar Crater is the oldest crater of meteorite in world and is also the lone crater of meteorite in the basaltic rock. Though it is unimpressive remotely but as one gets closer it demands the exploration from every corner. An attractive salty water lake in the crater as well as dense forests surrounding it is a joyful visual experience. When one visits the crater, he can understand the effect of meteorite on the earth’s surface.

Mahabaleshwar - Largest Hill Station of Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar’s specialty is that it is Maharashtra’s biggest hill station and it has been the capital of summers for the former British Government. It is situated at 4710 feet or 1438 meters above the level of sea in Sahyadri Hills of Satara and has become quite popular because of its beautiful grandeur and peaceful atmosphere away from the rush and busy life of the city. Tourists are attracted from faraway places as there are plush green jungles, exciting hills, wonderful lakes and lively waterfalls. The royal era’s mansions, churches, cottages and bungalows give delight to tourists.

The Charismatic Konkan Region

Maharashtra’s Konkan region has beaches in surplus. The palm orchards giving shade to sand beaches, the trees of mangoes in fields, temples and homes with tiles standing high among the beautiful plush green fields and the countryside populated with fisher people, makes Konkan region’s visit memorable. The vastly spread sands up to Goa give these forts in the background an attraction from a number of beaches, pilgrimage temples, exotic dishes for food lovers. A lot of tourists are attracted to Konkan region each year and the adventurous desires and their excitement is fulfilled right here. Monsoon trip planned here is most exciting as one can see small waterfalls washing away the high meadows, but one disappointment is that ferry ride is not available in this season of monsoon. At the same time, one will get delighted from Maharashtra’s beauty of green cover.


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