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What To Eat And Drink

Maharashtrian cuisines are very delicious and originate from the native state of Maharashtra. The cuisines are not only limited to spicy dishes but you can even try the tasty sweets of Maharashtra. The important ingredients of the cuisines are bajri, wheat, fruits, jowar, rice, lentils and vegetables. Some of the most popular Maharashtra dishes include batata wada, puran poli and ukdiche Modak.

Maharashtrian Anna is considered similar to Brahma and that is why it is important to offer them food first. According to the Maharashtrian culture, the food is first offered to God and then eaten by the family members. During the festivals, special sweets like ukdiche Modak are prepared and offered to God. Even the satyanarayan puja sheera is very popular.

The Maharashtrian cuisines are divided into two styles: one is the Varadi while the other is Konkan. The Arabian Sea coast is known as the Konkan region and the people have their own cuisines which have become the favourite of the tourists. It combines Gaud Saraswat Brahmin, Malvani and Goan cuisines. The Vidarbha region has its cuisines called as Varadi.

Special Things to Eat in Maharashtra

Vada Pav

This is one of the popular dishes of Maharashtra which is loved by the people. It consists of gravy made from mashed potatoes which is sandwiched between the Pav. It is sometimes referred as Indian burger too. Vada pav is served with spicy chutneys that are prepared from chillies and garlic. The dish can be prepared at home and is quite easy.

Misal Pav

It is also a great dish prepared by mixing Gaud Saraswat Brahmin, batata-bhaji, Chivda, sliced onions/tomatoes and pohay. It can also be served with yogurt and taste really nice.


Chivda is also known as Bombay mix which is prepared from flattened rice. It is excellent in taste and easy to prepare.


It is a tasty snack which is prepared from flattened rice and served with tea. The dish can be prepared at home and ideal for evening tea. The traditional Maharashtrian marriages usually have Kanda Pohe as the main dish and served when both the families get together. The dish is a symbol of togetherness and forms one of the main dishes of traditional weddings. Even the marriages are sometimes called as "Kanda-poha". Another type of Kanda Poha that you will come across is batata poha which contains a lot of diced potatoes instead of onions. Even dadpe poha is very popular which contains coconut, chillies, lemon juice and ginger. Kachche poha is a new type of pohe prepared from onions, red chillies and salt to taste.

Upma or sanja or upeeth

It is similar to south Indian upma perked with onions, chillies and spices.


  • Katachi Aamti – It is a tasty soup prepared using Chickpea dal
  • Solkadhi – uses Kokam and coconut milk
  • Varan – Plain dal prepared from Toor dal with less spices
  • Tomato saar – Delicious and spicy soup of tomato
  • Kokam saar – Soup made of Garcinia indica


  • Mirachiche lonache (Chilly Pickle)
  • Awlyache lonche' (amla pickle)
  • Ambyache lonche (mango pickle)
  • Ambe-haladiche lonche (fresh turmeric pickle)
  • Mohoriche lonche (mustard pickle)
  • Limbache lonche (lemon pickle)


Puran Poli

Puran Poli is a fine and delicious sweet cuisine which is very popular in Maharashtra. It is prepared using yellow gram or Chana, ghee, jaggery, cardamom powder and flour. It is a popular traditional dish which is prepared during all the festivals. It is heavy and excellent in taste.

Gulachi Poli

This is another dish which is prepared on Makar Sankranti and popular among the Brahmin families. Gulachi poli contains a stuffing of jaggery which is mixed with ground til and gram flour. The poli is then toasted till it becomes golden. Pure ghee is used for its preparation so that it tastes awesome. It is a heavy dish but you will surely love the taste that it brings in your mouth.


The ukdiche modak is one of the special sweets which are prepared during the festivals. It is quite popular during the Ganesha festival as modak is considered to be the favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha. You will find a variety of modaks in Maharashtra.


The dish is prepared using jiggery, grated coconut and powdered cardamom seeds. You can also call it Kanavale and widely prepared in the Maharashtrian homes during the Diwali festival.

Gulab Jaam

These are small balls which are prepared from Mava and then wrapped in wheat flour to be fried in pure ghee. Once the balls turn golden brown, they are ready to be dropped in sugar syrup for added taste.

Shevaya chi Kheer

Shevaya is cooked with milk until it becomes consistent. Sugar or jiggery is used to add a sweet taste to the dish and perked with cardamom seeds and chopped nuts. The similar Kheer can be prepared from rice, dudhi and semolina.


The powdered rice is either soaked in sugar or jiggery for the real taste.

Special Things to Drink in Maharashtra

  • Kokam Sharbat (Sharbet)
  • Sweet coconut water
  • It is the purest form of wate

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