Sangli is a small and beautiful place that falls under Maharashtra district. It is situated at a distance of 290 kilometers from Mumbai. The place has been a hub of turmeric cultivation. It also boasts many sugar factories in the area. The place is small yet a perfect example of peace and harmony.

It is famous for grapes as well. The ease with which it can be reached makes it more popular among the tourists on short trips. It is just 700 kilometers from Bangalore. It has vast agricultural land which is being used as per its capacity. Due to this, it is also nick named as green land which is the capital for turmeric trade.

The city is a hub for many engineering colleges abundantly for IT professionals and engineers. It is now progressing towards being a hub for Information Technology industry. The sugar factories, turmeric plantation, grape plantation, wine production, beautiful sanctuaries around it makes it a real tempting place to go and spend some quality time around.

The city lies on the foothills of Deccan and have Krishna River flowing through it. The Marathi culture of the place with so many industrial plantations in the area gives it a blend of tradition and modernization.

The people in this place are quite literate due to the fact that it has a good ration of men and women who are self-sufficient. It makes the place a quiet and calm city. The temperature of the city remains between 14 to 38 degree centigrade making it to visit around winters.

It has many modern facilities along with theatres, auditorium, swimming pools, super markets, star hotels and convenient transportation which make it a hot holiday destination. The conveniences out here make it a good choice for people to even stay back here.


Ancient epics say that the place in and around Sangli was called as Kundal. It belongs to Aadil Shah Dynasty. It was founded by Harbhrat Patwardhan. Sangli is now next to Kundal which was once the capital of Chalukyas.

The Patwardhans used to rule here during the ancient times. They were closely related to Marathas during the fight of Panipat. They reemerged as Jagirdars during the British rule over India.


Chandoli Wild Life Sanctuary

The house with countless wild animals, the Chandoli Wild Life Sanctuary is located at a distance of 65 kilometers from Sangli.

Gokak Water Falls

This is an amazing waterfall which is worth the view. Situated at a distance of 70 kilometers, this is a must go on the list of visitors to Sangli.

Prachit Garh Historical Fort

At a distance of 65 km from Sangli, this is a masterpiece of historical monuments in the categories of Marathi forts.


It is a beautiful city to spend some quality time with friends and family. The people have even the option of staying at Mahabaleshwar’s beautiful hotels. It is at a close proximity of 100 kilometers from Sangli.


This place is at a distance of 90 kms from Sangli. A quick visit is all that is needed to access the place.

Sarageshwar Wild Life Sanctuary

Another of vast and beautiful wild life sanctuary, it is just 30 kilometers from Sangli.

Wine Plants

Sangli has a huge cultivation of grapes. To make the most out of it, Sangli is famous for some of the selected categorized Vintage wines in the world.

It is India’s highest sugar producing district. The place lies on the sugar belt of the state.

The place is biggest trading centre of turmeric in whole of Asia.

The Krishna river house in Sangli. It makes it greener and pleasant to go around the city. It not without any reason that the place is named as Green City.

The excellent transport system of Sangli well connected by auto-rickshaws, city buses and private cabs make it merrier to take a look around the city for sightseeing.

Lord Ganesh Temple

This Ganesha’s temple in Sangli holds special significance among the local people out here. It is specially decorated and special pooja aarti are carried out during Ganesh Chaturthi and the aura of temple is worth seeing that time.

Historical Irwin Bridge

This is a historical bridge in Sangli over the river which has been built since ages.

Dandoba Hill Forest, Sangli

It’s a beautiful forest area in the hills around Sangli.

Chandoli Lake, Sangli

Temple at Kundal

An example of the heritage of Chalukyas, it is a small temple at Kundal, Sangli. It gives an oversight into Chalukyas dynasty.

Bahubali Statue, Kambhoj

At a distance of 30 kms from Sangli, this Bahubali statue is huge and holds special significance among the Jain community.

Architecture and Shopping Attractions

There are many Ganesh temples around Sangli filled with devotees round the year. Most of them have been built decades back. The Lord Ganesha is prayed significantly among the Marathi community and its proof lies in the place.

Sangli was once a place with a lot of historical significance. However, with time it has transformed into a modern city with aplenty of stuff. It has many engineering colleges, some of the few very best management colleges and several English medium schools.

The place has ample sugar factories, turmeric plantations, wine factories and many textile units. A big grape wine park and export zone are on the way of coming up.

The place is thus of no special architectural heritage but more of a business hub with beautiful places around it to catch up while on a trip to Sangli.  The place has a moderate rainfall and so it is best to visit the place between October and March.

Best Time to Visit

Anywhere in the months of June to October is the best time to visit Sangli to experience the best out of monsoon and post-monsoon seasons.

How to Reach

By Air

As the nearest airport is at Kolhapur which is 48 km away from Sangli, this is one of the fastest ways to reach Sangli is by air.

By Road

State transport provide bus services to Sangli from all the major metro cities. Apart from these private Ac and Non-ac buses can also be available from Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and few other metros.

By Train

Sangli city has got 2 main railway stations and 29 sub-urban railway stations, travelling by train is a hassle free way to reach the destinations on time.

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