Cities and Destinations In Maharashtra

The state of Maharashtra has very famous and popular cities and towns. One of the most popular cities among these cities that lie on the west coast is city of Mumbai and is considered most famous place to be visited in the state of Maharashtra. The city is bounded all over by bright and colorful streets and the lifestyle of the street is alluring. At a distance of few miles is the city of Pune that is also visited by many people. The other names given to Pune are ‘Queen of Deccan’ and ‘Oxford of East’. The city is commonly famous for the contemporary way of its life and the commercial activities performed.

In the central part of Maharashtra lies the city of Aurangabad. This city is adorned with the famous ‘Bibi Ka Maqbara’ that is also commonly referred to as ‘Taj of Southern part of India’. The other famous tourist destinations in the city are its famous caves and among these are the world known caves of Ajanta and Ellora. Towards north of the state is the city of Nashik that is considered to be a holy place for Maharashtrians. This place is also worshipped by Hindu community and is the place that plans the famous Kumbh ka mela that is performed every three years.

The southern part of the state shares its border with Karnataka and houses the paradise of shopper’s city known as Kolhapur. The shopping list of the visitors coming to this place include saaj, sarees, mohanmal, chaplahar, pohehar, chappals, har and malas, bormal, Kolhapuri saaj and Putlihar. Another city in the state is also commonly considered to be delight of the Vidharba area is the city of Nagpur that is famous for its delicious oranges grown in the region. It is also considered as the city famous for its business activities for the entire state.

The few other cities that are famous in the state can be named as Amaravati, Thane, Solapur, Ahmednagar and Chandrapur.

Mumbai - City That Never Sleeps

The city of Mumbai is famous for the world famous Bollywood movies that are the major point of attraction for visitors along with many other tourist destinations. The historical monuments that stand in the city belong to the colonial period that have architecture from different eras and attracts many visitors. The buildings in the city have eye catching architectures that include the famous Gateway of India, building of Police Headquarters and the CST rail terminal. The modern buildings in the city include the upcoming shopping malls, multiplexes and the modern offices.

The must visited tourist spot in the city are the famous Elephanta caves that have been carved out of huge rocks and thus are also named as rock cut caves. The caves are also adored with museums that depict the historical stories. The most well known museums are the Prince of Wales and National Modern Art Gallery. The trip to these places is considered as the most memorable. The drive through the famous Marine drive also known as Mumbai’s boulevard or the Queen’s Necklace provides enchanting scenic beauty to the people enjoying the drive along the entire path of marine drive.

The time spent around the famous beaches of Chowpatty and Juhu are the most soothing experiences. The cool breeze that flows around the beach enjoys the waves that rise in the sea. The shoppers delight in the city is the places like Nariman Point, Churchgate and the Fort area.

Shirdi Sai Baba - A Must Visit in Maharashtra

A very small town that is part of the city of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra is worshipped as the home place of saint Sai Baba is known as Shirdi. It is believed that Sai Baba has stayed at this place for almost eighty years. The saint is believed to be a savior for the poor and needy people. He has been believed to serve mankind with utmost dedication and devotion. Still in today’s time, people who are suffering from any difficulties and trouble worship the temple of Sai Baba with full devotion so that he bestow his blessings and let them come out of their troubles. The shrine of Sai Baba came into existence in the year 1922 that is administered by Sai Baba Sansthan. The temple is adored with the idol of Shri Sai Baba that has been made using the Italian marble. The idol itself shows the simplicity of the life that Sai Baba has spent. The hall in the temple has the capacity to house almost 600 people and the museum in the temple premises displays the belongings of the sage Sai Baba.

Aurangabad – City of Gates

The world famous caves of Ajanta and Ellora are located in the city of Aurangabad. This place is not only famous for its caves but also many other spots that are visited by fervent vacationer. The city has many historical buildings, parks, palaces that provided name to this place among the visitors. Few of the famous buildings from the past that stand in the city are Bibi ka Maqbara, Daulatabad fort, Panchakki, Bani Begum Garden and many more. The visitors should visit the place keeping ample amount of time in hand to visit many other tourist places spread all around the city.

The original name of the city of Aurangabad was Khirki that was ruled by Prince Aurangzeb with the intentions of making it a capital city that was later named as Aurangabad. The city is adorned with many monuments that richly speak about the architectural beauty that belonged to the period of Mughals. The structures that are part of the city include the forts, shrines, huge walls that depicts the impressive history of the Aurangzeb period.

Pune – Heartbeat of Maharashtra

Pune is considered as the ‘Gateway city of Mumbai’. This place is a must for visit for those who want to spend a peaceful time and get relaxed from their day to day activities. The city also has many educational institutes and thus is also referred as “Oxford of East”. Pune is also named as “The Automobile City” because of the booming automobile sector located here.

Nagpur - The City of Oranges

Nagpur is also called as second capital city of Maharashtra. The city is famous for the ample amount of oranges grown. The area of Nagpur is also rich for its booming industries.

The industrial sector of the city includes cotton textile industry, food productions, paper industry, dye products etc. There are many festivals that are celebrated in the city and are major attraction for the visitors. There are many tourists’ spots in the entire city that include monuments, bird and wildlife sanctuary, lakes etc.

Mahabaleshwar - Largest Hill Station of Maharashtra

The largest city in the state of Maharashtra that also has been named as the summer capital of the state during the British reigns is the famous hill station ‘Mahabaleshwar’. The location of the hill station is bounded by Sahyadri hills that are located in Satara district and at a height of approximately 1438 meters above sea level. The surroundings of the city are eye catching because of the green and lush trees that are grown in the entire city. This place is a blessing for those who want to spend their time peacefully and relishing the time away from the hectic day-to-day schedules.


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