Most of these hill stations of Maharashtra were founded by the British Colonels as they wanted to escape from the heat waves from the state. These hill stations were considered as summer retreats of these English rulers. Most of these hill stations are situated in the cool and scenic Western Ghats which can be found along the area of Sahydri mountain range.

These hill stations are situated in far off, remote and peaceful places and hence are flocked by international and local tourists who come here to unwind after the maddening pace of their lives. Some common hill stations of Maharashtra are Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Khandala, Panchagani, Bhandardara, Amboli, Toranmal, Jawahar, Malshej Ghat, Chikhaldara Panhala, Sawantwadi etc. Every hill station is identified by its special features and their accessibility from the main city is a big plus point.

Most of these hill stations situated at the base of the beautiful Western Ghats offer incredible views for the tourists. Since they are covered in a green and scenic canopy all through the year, the climate remains pleasant and hence there is a steady inflow of local and international tourists to this place all through the year. Hill stations contribute a sizeable portion to the revenue earned by the tourism department of Maharashtra.

Of all the hill stations, Lonavala and Khandala are among the most popular and most visited ones. These are at a height of 625m and offer some exotic scenery which it makes it a perfect destination for family vacations.

Mahabaleshwar, another famous hill station was once the summer capital of the erstwhile Bombay Presidency and there are various adventurous activities that one can indulge in here. Panchgani, a place of five hills too, is a most commonly visited place due to the abundance of greenery here. The next in line of the most popular hill stations, is Matheran, which sees a steady stream of tourists pouring in all through the year for its scintillating views. All these famous hill stations are the main reasons for the prosperity of the Maharashtra tourism department.

Famous Hill Stations in Maharashtra


Situated at 690m above sea level, this hill station is located in the district of Sindhudurg. This place is covered with deep woods and rocky cliffs. Amboli is located in such a way that just beyond them the plains of the Sahydri hills are present.


This hills station proves to be the perfect place for conducting family picnics. It is located at a distance of 70km from the main town of Nashik. Some of the attractions are the majestic Radha Falls and the clean and placid Arthur Lake.


This hill station is named after one of the characters in Mahabharata, Keechaga. Located in the Amravati district in the city of Vidharba, this is the only hill station that contains lots of wildlife.


This hill station is located in the busy Thane district and is one of the few places where Nature God is at His abundance. Greenery all around, deep and dense forests, and pleasant climate throughout, are some of the major tourist attractions of this hill station.

Lonavala and Khandala

The beautiful, flowing valleys, dense and thick forests, waterfalls with milky white water, placid lakes, historic monuments and many more feature make these two the most famous hill stations in the state. These are situated at a height of 625m.


Mahabaleshwar is rightly addressed to as the “Queen of hill stations”. It is named after Lord Shiva and is situated at a whopping height of 1372m. This hill station is situated right in the centre of the famed Sahydri mountain range in the Satara district.

Malshej Ghat

This hill station, located in Pune, is a must visit for tourists who have an eye for adventurous activities like trekking, hiking, boating and many others. This is situated at an altitude of 700m.


Located at an altitude of 800m, this hill station is located in the Alibaug district of Maharashtra. This is the nearest hill station to the main cities of Mumbai and Pune and therefore one of the most visited hill stations in the state.


This hill station is located in the district of Satara and is covered by the abundance of River Krishna on one side and plains on the coast, on the other side. This is located at a staggering height of 1334m above sea level.


This hill station is also home to the reputed Panhala fort. It is located at a distance of 18km from Kolhapur. The height of this hill station is 3177 feet and it is symbolic of the richness of the Maratha ancient history.


Located in the Sindhudurg district, this hill station is situated at an elevation of 690m above sea level and is one of those hill stations where people can have unlimited fun while bringing their families along.


This is located at a phenomenal height of 1461m above sea level and is seen at the base of the Satpura hills located in Maharashtra’s Nandarpur district, specifically at Akrani Taluka. The climate is cool and pleasant and the plateau is encompassed in a green carpet.


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