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The Toranmal hill station of Maharashtra is a surprise getaway nestled in the lap of the Satpura range at an altitude of about 1500 meters from sea level. It is a scenic hill station with the added advantage of being a religiously significant place of pilgrimage.  Located in the beautiful Nandurbar district of Maharashtra the hill station offers a magnanimous feast of torrid waterfalls cascading down its verdant valleys, breathtakingly beautiful valleys that are resplendent with foliage of indescribable hue and fragrance, a tranquil lake that invites one to its serene banks and the riot of color offered by the lotus pond.

Standing stalwart within the arms of nature’s bounty is the religious stronghold of the devotees of Lord Shiva and many others. This is due the presence of the Gorakhnath and Nagarjun Temples, both of which have Lord Shiva as the chief deity.


Ever since the British era, this beatific spot of nature’s splendid gifts has attracted people seeking solace, healing and a place for rejuvenation. Known for their proclivity to unearth nature’s special places, the British are responsible for making this wonderful hill station with its quaint roads and pathways their own.

They left a relic of their presence in the form of the Mission Bungalow (built in 1894) that sits at the very edge of the lake and anybody living there can easily be mesmerized by the amazing scenic splendor of the lovely sunrise.

It is almost as if the sun has bathed in the lake and is coming out to rise into the heavens. But even before them the devout among the Hindus had claimed the secluded spot as is evident from the two magnificent temples built a short way from the Yashwant Lake. These temples are the gathering point for devotees who throng to the site to celebrate the annual Mahashivratri festival during the months of March and April every year.

They come there in their teeming millions to pay obeisance and to drink in the sheer beauty of the surrounds which are like a new lease on life for many of them. A grand fair is organized by the Government with elaborate arrangements for stay and travel in and around the area to facilitate the many pilgrims.

Tourist Attractions in Toranmal

One of Maharashtra’s most beautiful hill stations located in the thick of the rare green forests, Toranmal is an almost untouched tourist spot especially seeing the pristine beauty of the place and the lovely places that have been preserved in their natural beauty without being marred in any way by commercial activity of any sort.  Some of the places to visit while in Toranmal are The ancient Gorakhnath Temple. It is devoted to Baba Gorakhnath and is help in high esteem by all worshippers of Lord Shiva.

A little further away from the Nagarjun Temple, another very old Temple devoted to the Snake Lord or once again Lord Shiva. Among the jewels of Maharashtra’s scenic beauty, Toranmal area also boasts of a beautiful lake called Yashwant Lake which is situated in a valley that is flanked by the Satpura or the seven hills of the mountain range prominent in Maharashtra. Yet another water body of spell binding beauty is the Lotus Lake that is literally bursting to the seams with the divine flower.

Many a child can be seen selling a bunch of these flowers fit for worshipping the Gods. The amazing green foliage and beauty of the Sita Khai leave one marveling at this natural spot which may have hosted millions of footfalls but still retained its fabulous purity and serenity.


The Toranmal hospitality is extended by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) in their thirteen holiday homes wherein each 48 persons can be accommodated. Besides these there is the Mission Bungalow is now known as the Aruodaya Kuti Rest House situated on the very banks of Yashwant Lake.

There is also the Goraksha Kuti Rest House (constructed in 1915) presently maintained by the Forest Department and also situated on the banks of the Yashwant Lake.

Where to Eat

Besides finding delectable fare at the thirteen Holiday Homes being run by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) there is vegetarian food served at reasonable rates to tourists by the Van Karamchari Sanstha, Toranmal, an organization set up by forest employees of the region.

Weather and Best Time to Reach

The best time to visit this scenic spot of Maharashtra is in March and April around the Mahashivratri Festival when the beauty of nature can be savored with the religious fervor of the devotees celebrating the festival of Lord Shiva.

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