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Malshej Ghat

A delightful hill station, located at a height of 700 Mt over the sea level, Malshej Ghat is a mesmerizing sightseer end with a rejuvenating weather. Malshej Ghat is a peak surpass in Western Ghats assort in the district of Thane in Maharashtra in India. This place is situated in the supercilious craggy hills of these Western Ghats. It is tarnished for landslides throughout monsoons.  This site is a habitat to a number of kinds of flora & fauna particularly the avian people like flamingos & cuckoos.

It is located in Pune region near the boundaries of Thane & Ahmednagar districts. The Ghat is at a space of 154 kms. Beginning from south Mumbai to northeast and 130 km to north of Pune in Mumbai. The nearby railhead is Kalian close to Mumbai. To visit Malshej Ghat via road starting from Mumbai, get National Highway 3 to Bhiwandi & thereby turn to Murbad or get state highway through Kalian, Murbad, etc. From Pune, get Pune-Nashik highway (National Highway-50) towards Alephata and take a left turn on Kalian-Ahmednagar Highway (SH-222) to Kalian.

The Malshej Ghat holds an astonishing significance for hikers, trekkers and exploration lovers. The nature at this Ghat is at its top. No marvel then that the most striking traveling flamingoes prefer it as their torrential rain house. Close at hand is Shivneri Fort, the birthplace of the famous Shivaji. The strange hill has Buddhist Caves dating to the 3rd century and is surmounted by a significant momentous fort.


A pleasant view of the valley is one of the chief attractions here. The vision from behind MTDC resort which one must see as it is eminent for woods and animals inside. This natural world includes tigers, leopards and rabbits etc. But actually a renowned place next to this Ghat is Khireshwar that is 2/3 kilometer from the rest house. On the way from Khireshwar village, one may visit the well-known Harish Chandra gad. It is one of the eye-catching beauties having a no. of waterfalls in these mountainous regions.


As this vicinity is at a substantial distance commencing from a petite town, still there is a little no. of classy restaurants & shopping malls. A Hill named Flamingo is a route run by MTDC in the surrounding area. Other than the MDTC resort, there are so many other confidential resorts where one may pay out for a no. of days. It is around 6 km far from this Ghat.

Several possessions to do in this Ghat

This Ghat has a no. of belongings to do which will captivate and keep its guests full of activity like sightseeing. A considering tour of the Ghat is mainly suggested throughout monsoons when the waterfall becomes more passionate and the rainfall freshens the whole thing in view. If one is courageous enough, get a hold under some of the falls the spray will positively restore them. Wedding couples can also spend a no. of hours alone on the banks of most monsoon crammed lakes in Malshej Ghat.

Eating Out

There are extremely inadequate restaurants or hotels in this Ghat. MTDC Hotel is among the one. One has a domestic restaurant offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. One can get a good variety of veg. and non- veg. dishes in even these limited restaurants.

Festivals celebration in this Ghat

Festivals celebrated on this Ghat basically include two chief festivals which are Diwali & Ganesha Chaturthi. Both festivals are always celebrated with immense elaboration.

First one is Ganesha Chaturthi, a special festival lasts for ten days, in August - September to commemorate the birth of Lord Ganesha and another significant festival is Diwali which is celebrated with lots of zest and salute. Goddess Lakshmi, the idol of prosperity is worshipped throughout this festival.

How to Reach

Adjacent airport is Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Airport which is at a distance of 150 km way from Malshej Ghat. Mumbai is one of the main airports in India which is linked to all airports in India. Mumbai is sky linked to a lot of cities overseas, including Singapore & many cities in East. Pre-paid taxi services are also available from Mumbai to the Ghat costing Rs 3000.

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