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Maharashtra has a number of attractions for the city dweller seeking a quick getaway but by far the most popular for the Mumbai dweller is Panchgani. It is the exquisitely quaint army township patronized by the ‘grass widows’ of the British Raj. In those days, British women of a delicate physical constitution were sent to the hills to get away from the heat and dust of the plains in India. These small army towns gradually came to be known as ‘hill stations’ and were thought of as sanatoriums or cool getaways and are even to this date popular as such.


Founded in 1854 by Sir John Chason, this hill town of Panchgani has all the makings of the popular British getaway which are dotted all over most of India. It had been taken over as an idyllic place for army retirees. The area was originally spread over five villages which were called Dhandeghar, Godavli, Amral, Khingar and Taighat. In an attempt to build up the township the Superintendant invited all kinds of workmen including building contractors, tailors, washermen, all manner of professionals required to build up an entire township from scratch and allotted separate areas for them to set up shop.

The place allocated for the Indian workmen then was called Gaothan and exists below the bazaar area even today. The Superintendant, Chesson himself is buried in the graveyard of St Peter’s Church which he had helped construct. Discovered by the British the area’s scenic beauty has had its admirers among the Indian monarch’s as well.

It is well known that members of the Mauryas, Chalukyas, Bahmani dynasty and Rashtrakutas besides the Adil Shahi dynasty and the Marathas along with Peshwas, Satavahanas and also Mughals just before the British, all had left their footfalls at Panchgani.

After the advent of British, the attractive hill station became famous for its missionary schools or boarding schools as the Indian elite called them as also being the preferred residential address for Parsis.

Tourist Attractions in Panchgani

Panchgani is famous for its lure of adventure sports like paragliding, go-karting, boat riding, kite surfing, scooter rides and horse riding to name a few. However there is little else to beat the sheer pleasure of the basic activities especially like trekking, cycling and simply walking around the cozy little township nestled in the green heights just a few hours out of Mumbai.

The ideal weekend getaway it is the shopper’s paradise – especially for the one seeking unique and beautiful handicrafts famous in Maharashtra. One wan walk unhesitatingly up down the lovely tiny shop dotted lanes and simply do window shopping or pop into one of the tiny shops and be surprised by the plethora of treasures one uncovers.

While one ambles along one may be surprised by the opportunity of plucky strawberries or savoring fragrant tea within the tea garden premises or even visiting some of the lovely Parsi homes and if one is more adventurous one may even visit the Rajpuri Caves or the Pratapgad fort that had witnessed the historical episode of history between the stalwart Maratha Shivaji Raje and the General of Bijapur, Afzal Khan.

Most of the water sports activities however have to be centered on Tapola and that includes any number of water sports ranging from water skiing to riding water scooters.

Lake of Dhom Dam on Krishna River is an inviting sight. Other points to visit are Table Land or the flat laterite rock that is the second largest mountain plateau of Asia. Then there is Sydney Point from where one can obtain a fabulous view of the glittering Dhom Dam waters besides Pandavgad and Mandhardeo.

Parsi Point is a scenic spot on the Mahabaleshwar highway that overlooks the Krishna valley as also the azure waters of the Dhom Dam. Devil’s kitchen is situated towards the south of the Table Land and is reported to have mythological significance in the fact that the Pandavas had taken refuge in the Pandavgad caves.


The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has provided for a number of top hotels and budget holiday homes to suit every pocket. There are also a number of attractive Bed and Breakfast home stays being run by some of the locals at Panchgani.

Where to Eat

The Bed and Breakfast home stays being offered by some of the local inhabitants of Panchgani have on offer some of the most delectable meals. Some of the most loved specialties’ are those that include freshly gathered strawberries in their menu.

Weather and Best time to Visit

The Ganesh Festival, the Strawberry Festival and Diwali are the most attractive occasions for the tourist visiting Panchgani. Thus August to November is the ideal time to visit Panchgani although it is ready to receive visitors all around the year.

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