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Chikhaldara Hills

Located in Amravati district in Maharashtra is Chikhaldara, a pleasant tourist spot. The hills of Chikhaldara are ideal for trekking. Moreover, they are very famous for its cotton farms and coffee plantation. Chikhaldara is said to be the only area in Maharashtra where coffee is grown.

Tourist Attractions

It's the only holiday resort in Vidarbha at an elevation of 1118 metres. Known for its rich wildlife, Chikhaldara is situated very close to the Melghat Tiger Reserve. There are many places for sightseeing such as Hurricane Point, Mozari Point, Goraghat, Malviya and Sunrise Point, Prospect Point and Devi Point that offer breathtaking views of the hill station. Trekking spots include old forts such as Gavilgad Fort and Narnala Fort, which have historical significance. Other attractions include the botanist's paradise - Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, the Semadoh Lake and the Tribal Museum.


According to Mahabharata, King Kichak was killed by one of the Pandavas, Bheema and his corpse was thrown in a deep valley. The town has been hence named after him, as "Chikhaldara".

Best Time to Visit

Chikaldhara has a great temperate weather all year round, with an annual rainfall of about 154 cms. October to June is the ideal time to visit this scenic town.


Amravati, Paratwada and Nagpur are close to Chikhaldara. MSRTC bus services are provided from these places.

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