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The quaint yet lovely village of Bhandardara is situated on the banks of the Pravara River in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Known for its mythological significance, it is said that Shri Agasti Rishi chose the village to meditate and offered his prayers to God. The Pravara River was a reward to him for his intense year-long penance.

Bhandardara is a popular trekking destination visited by several campers and trekkers alike. It has been recommended by many tourists as weekend holiday spot. Its lush yet mountainous terrain is marked with beautiful cascades that are definite eye catchers.  The most popular hotspots are the Bhandardara Lake, Ratangadh Fort, Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake and Randha falls. Moreover, its serene atmosphere makes it an ideal relaxing getaway.

Tourist Attractions

Wilson Dam

Being one of India's oldest dreams, the dam was built across River Pravara, and it stands a tall at above 150 m above sea level. The cascading water falling from height of over 60 feet makes an impressive sight.

Arthur Lake

Nestling between the Sahyadri forests, this lake is calm and as clear as glass. It's a photographer's paradise, undoubtedly.

Randha Falls

A breathtaking sight during monsoons, the Pravara River in the form of the Randha falls culminates into an intense gorge.

Ratangad Fort

A trekker's delight, this fort was constructed by Shivaji Maharaja. An amazing view is offered by the relics of this grand fort.

Mount Kalsubai

Mount Kalsubai is the highest point of Maharashtra, located at a height of 1,646 metre. Trekker love climbing the mountain, though it can be pretty challenging. The mountain occupied an important position in Maratha history and was an area of defence.

Agasti Rishi Ashram

As mentioned above, the reverend saint Shri Agasti Rishi meditated in this dwelling. It is located along the banks of the River Pravara. According to Ramayana, Lord Rama and Lakshman sought the saint's blessings.



Mumbai is about 185 km away from Bhandardara while Pune is 191 km away.


The closest airport is in Mumbai.


Igatpuri is the nearest station from Bhandardara, followed by Pune.

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