Located at about 500 km from the state capital, Mumbai, is the beautiful hill station of Buldhana. It lies to the westernmost border of Vidarbha region in Maharashtra. The place is 900 m above sea level. This district shares its border with Madhya Pradesh. Buldhana was previously known as Bhilla Thana or the centre of Bhilla, later reformed into Buldhana. Buldhana district lies in the Tapti River basin. The place is one of the popular tourist locations in Maharashtra.

History of Buldhana

As per history, Buldhana was the part of Berar province under Mauryan Empire during the reign of Ashoka. The district has witnessed the rule of many Hindu rulers till 14th century after which the province was captured by Allaudin Khilji. In 15th century, Berar became a part of Nizam Shahi Sultanate. In 1595, the Nizam Shahi surrendered Berar to the Mughal Empire. Till 1853, it was under the Mughal rule and in 1903, Berar was leased to British East India Company by the Nizam of Hyderabad. This district became a part of the Madhya Pradesh in 1950 and in 1956, the states were formed on the basis of language, then province came under Marathi speaking regions of Vidarbha.

Major Attractions in Buldhana

Lonar Crater Lake

It is believed that Lonar Lake was created as a result of a meteor named Lonar hitting the earth some 50,000 years ago. It is a salt water lake in Buldhana district. This saline lake is in the deep forest which has rich collection of birds, peacocks, owls and more. There is a temple that is situated here known as the Gomukh temple. A beautiful stream emerges from this edge of the crater and thousands of pilgrims visit this place and take a dip in the holy waters.

Sant Gajanan Maharaj Temple

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj temple is situated in the Shegaon, Buldhana district. Sant Gajanan Maharaj lived in 1878 and had a divine appearance. He was as renowned as Shirdi Saibaba. Today, millions of people visit the Samadhi of Sant Gajanan Maharaj. A temple of Lord Rama has been constructed here and Ram Navmi is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Shegaon today is referred as the Pandharpur of Vidarbha.

Sindkhed Raja

It is a small village located about 105 km away from the Buldhana district is known as the birth place of Rajmata Jijabai, the mother of the greatest Maratha King, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Here, one can see numerous historical monuments that tell the tale of the prosperity and valour of the Maratha Empire.


Khamgaon is famous for its Durga Utsav celebrated every year during the Navratri festival. The temple of Mothi Devi is famous and thousands of pilgrims visit every year to seek the blessings of Durga Devi.

Best Time to Visit Buldhana

The best time to visit Buldhana during October and March.

How to Reach Buldhana

By Rail

Buldhana is well connected with the other parts of the cities in India. The nearest railway station is Malkapur and Nandura.

By Road

Buldhana district is well connected with good road linked with other major cities in Maharashtra. The place being popular for pilgrimage there are frequent bus services from Nashik.

By Air

There are no airports in this region and closest airport is at Aurangabad which is 140 km away from Buldhana.

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