Nanded is one of the biggest and oldest cities in Maharashtra, India and popular as the religious place for Hindus and Sikhs. Comprising several Sufi shrines, Nanded is located at the north edge of River Godavari and it is also one of common educational and vocational places in the state.

History of Nanded

Nanded was ruled by Nanda dynasty in 4th and 5th centuries. It was ruled by King Ashoka from 272 to 231 BCE. It was commercially called as Nanditat due to discovery of copper plate. Nanded was the capital of Telangana during the kingdom of Aurangzeb. The city was spiritualized by Guru Gobind Singh, tenth guru of Sikhs. In 1835, Emperor Ranjit Singh led the construction of Gurudwara in the city named as Hazur Sahib that was built near the cremation place of Guru Gobind Singh.


Nanded is one of the largest cities of Marathawada and its boundaries are connected with Latur, Parbhani and Yavatmal districts. Nanded is actually a combination of old Nanded and new Nanded. The old city is on the edge of Godavari River and the new one incorporating Waghala and more villages located at the south edge of Godavari.


In Nanded, people enjoy the tropical wet and arid weather. The summer season begins at the end of February and Monsoon begins in the mod of June. The nominal winter may be experienced from November.

Vocational Destinations

Nanded is actually a hub of visiting places. There are several sacred and tourist places and popular hotels. The common sacred places are: Sachkhand Gurudwara, Tirupati Balaji temple, Kandhar Darga, Biloli mosque and more. The popular visiting places for tourists are Nanded fort, Dabhad vihaar, Kandhar fort, Treasure market and Parli Vaijnath. The popular hotels in the city are: Hotel Chandralok, Hotel Rama Krishna, Nirmal Palace and City Pride.


Nanded is a developing city with several commercial houses like sugar, fabric and medicines. Banking, real estate and insurance are the popular businesses owned by the people. The city has large growth competency but due to lack of government support, Nanded is still fighting for the development. It has several highly operative hospitals and academic centers.

Sikh Gurudwaras

As the city was connected with Guru Gobind Singh, it is comprised with many historical Gurudwaras such as Nanak Pur, Banda Ghat, Mal Tekdi Sahib, Kaleshwar, Mata Sahib, Nanaksar, Ratan Garh and Angina Ghat.

Civilization and Traditions

Becoming the home of people from different religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Jains, Nanded has become a multi ethnic city. Many popular Sanskrit lyricists such as Vishnupant Sesa, Raguhunath Sesa and Vaman pandit also took birth here. Further, popular personalities who took birth on Nanded are W.R. Kant and Ambadas Kurundkar.

Nanded’s population consists of 53% Hindus, 33% Muslims, 8.6% Buddhists and remaining percentage of Sikhs and Christians. Their mother tongue is Marathi and other languages also contribute significantly to make this city a complete world.


At Nanded, all kinds of continental foods may be tasted still nobody forgets to taste the royal food of the Marathawada. People from all religions have contributed in making the city food amazing. So, Nanded represents the mixed taste of foods of different cultures.

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