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In order to offer information and details about traveling’s relative safety before visiting any particular foreign destination, a travel advisory is issued in the form of a public notice that is issued by a government agency. This advisory helps visitors to take an informal decision regarding their impending journey to a particular place. This helps them to prepare for this journey in an adequate manner for whatever issues that can crop up in the course of their visit. These travel advisories are usually issued regarding issues like matters of security, weather, disease or civil unrest.

Travel Advisory in India

India is a beautiful country known for its geographical attractions and rich cultural and architectural heritage. The country boasts of several popular tourist attractions and foreign tourists come here from various parts of the world annually to explore these attractions. The purpose of these tourists can differ. They can come here for pure recreation and tourism, for any business purpose, for gaining high education, family reunions, etc. For vacations, tourism or business, most of the foreign nationals plan to visit India. Before doing so, it is imperative that they check travel advisory or travel bulletins for the country they are about to visit. Notifications of travel advisory must be checked before plans to visit India are finalized.

Suitable information about safety and health for potential travelers is posted in these travel advisories. At Foreign Affairs Ministry’s website, travel advisory of a specific country can be checked. Some of these are--

United States of America- http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_1764.html

Canada - http://travel.gc.ca/destinations/india

United Kingdom - http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/

New Zealand - http://www.safetravel.govt.nz/destinations/india.shtml

Australia- http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/zw-cgi/view/Advice/India

When coming to this country, it is recommended under these travel advisories that in certain areas, foreign nationals are not allowed to visit for their own safety. Though, as per your visa, you are allowed to visit India but they are not allowed to visit protected and restricted territories. A permit is required by the Foreign Nationals if they wish to visit these restricted areas.

Restricted Tourist Areas

In India, certain areas are declared as Restricted Areas where an authorization is needed to visit. In order to make sure that appropriate documentation is at place before going to these places, a list offered below must be checked.

Under provinces sub headings in India, attractions of each and every province are listed and permission is required by the Foreign Nationals to visit these areas. For issuing these permits, there are some places who have the authority for the same. A list of these places is also given below. Visitors are guided by professional tour operators regarding proper procedure for getting these permits. Tourism website of the Indian Government can be checked for more information.


Imphal, Loktak Lake, Moirang INA Memorial, Waithe Lake and Keibul Deer Sanctuary

Authority granting permits:


All Indian Missions abroad.

State Government of Manipur (Home Commissioner, Manipur)

Remarks: By Air Only- Calcutta to Imphal.

*6 Days allowed. Individual tourists not permitted.


Vairangte, Aizawl and Thingdawl

Authority granting permit:

Home Commissioner, Mizoram Government, Aizawl

All FRROs at Delhi, Calcutta and Mumbai,

All Indian Missions abroad and Chief Immigration Officer, Madras.

Remarks: On only those tour circuits that are identified, tourist groups can travel

*10 days are allowed and Individual tourists not permitted.

Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro, Itanagar, Along, Miao, Pasighat, Sujesa (Paki) Bhalukpong and Namdapha

Authority granting permit:

Home Commissioner, Arunachal Pradesh Government, Itanagar,

All FRROs at Delhi, Calcutta and Mumbai

All Indian Missions abroad.

Chief Immigration Officer, Madras.

Remarks: On only those tour circuits that are identified, tourist groups can travel

*10 days are allowed and Individual tourists not permitted.

Gangtok, Phodang, Rumtek, Tashiging and Pemayangtse Khecheperi

Authority granting permit


At Mumbai, Madras, Calcutta and New Delhi

Chief Secretary/Home Secretary/Secretary (Tourism)

All Indian Missions abroad and Immigration Officers at airports

Sikkim Government, Gangtok

Inspector General of Police, Sikkim Government, Siliguri,

Deputy Directors (Tourism), Government of Sikkim, New Delhi,

Assistant Resident Commissioner; Sikkim Government, Calcutta,

Deputy Commissioner, Darjeeling

Tourism Officer, Rangpo

Deputy Secretary/Under Secretary

Home Department, West Bengal Government, Calcutta

Remarks: PAP Areas: * Permission available for Individual Tourists, 15 days allowed.

Zongri (West Sikkim)

Authority granting permits:

All issuing authorities of Government of Sikkim and its

representatives at Calcutta, Rangpo & Siliguri and MHA.

Remarks: For 15 days trekking, groups are allowed and a liaison officer needs to accompany them. Permission is not given to individual tourists, 16 days allowed.

Tsangu (East Sikkim, Chhangu Lake)

Authority granting permit:

Home Secretary, Sikkim Government. Day visit only, individual tourists not permitted.

Tong, Mangan, Singhik, Lachung, Chungthang and Yumthang

Authority granting permit

Home Secretary, Govt. of Sikkim,

Secretary (Tourism), Sikkim Government

5 days allowed, Individual tourists not permitted.


(1) (Drokahpa Area) Khaltse Sub-Division


(2) Nubra Sub Division:

(a) Leh-Khardung La-Khalsar up to Hunder

(b) Leh-Khardung La-Khalsar-Tirit up to Panasik

(c) Leh-Sabo-Digar La-Digar-Labab-Khungru Gampa-Tangar

(Permission granted only for trekking organized by tour operators that are approved and also accompanied by State Police personnel)

(3) Nyona Sub Division:

(a) Leh-Upshi-Debring-Puga-Tso-Moari Lake/Korzok

(b) Leh-Upshi-Chusathang-Mahe-Puga-Tso-Moari Lake/Kozok

(c) Pangong Lake up to Spanksik.

(d) Leh-Karu-Chang La-Durbuk-Tangtse-Lukung-Spanksik

Authority granting permits:

District Magistrates/MHA concerned.  Remarks: On tour circuits that are identified, tourist groups can travel. *No permission is granted to Individual tourists, 7 days allowed.  Note: From 4 to 20 people groups are allowed and a liaison officer should accompany them. For more details, Tourism Ministry, Delhi in India and Indian Missions abroad can be contacted.

Andaman Nicobar Islands

Havelock Island, Municipal Area, Port Blair, Neil Island, Long

  • Jolly Buoy
  • Red Skin
  • South and North Cinque
  • Mayabunder
  • Ranghat
  • Madhuban
  • Diglipur
  • Mount Harriet

Authority granting permits:


Immigration Officer, All Indian Missions abroad, (7) & (8) Port Blair


Places for (1) day & night visit allowed.

(7) & (8) visit allowed.

Places for (2) only day.

Places for (8) to (12) only day visit allowed

Himachal Pradesh

(1) Morang-Dabling

(2) Poo-Khab-Sumdho-Dhankar-Tabo-Gompa-Kaza

Authority granting permits:

MHA /H.P. Government/SDM/ITBP/DM concerned

Special Tourism Commissioner

Resident Commissioner, HP Govt., New Delhi

Director General of Police, H.P. Shimla.

Remarks: Allowed only for Trekking and Individual tourists are not permitted.

Uttar Pradesh

(1) Niti Ghati, Nanda Devi Sanctuary and Uttar Kashi Districts, Kalindi Khal in Chamoli

(2) Milam Glacier and Adjoining areas

Authority granting permit:

(1) Government of U.P. DM/MHA/ SDM concerned ATBP

(2) Govt. of U.P./DM/MHA/SDM concerned/lTBP

Remarks: Permission is not granted to Individual tourists.

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