Adventure in Maharashtra

Although the state of Maharashtra in India is renowned for its high class commercial and natural value, it must also be asserted that the state is blessed with humungous wealth of adventure and related sports. The state has been blessed with varied terrain and topography. Right from a huge coastline of several hundred kilometers to the Western Ghats known as Sahyadris in Marathi language to innumerable forest reserves lakes and what not, the state o Maharashtra truly is a paradise for tourists. Other than this, there are innumerable other visual delights that this state offers to tourists who flock here from everywhere.

The state offers something for everyone and particularly for those who come here seeking adventure sports. A trip to this blessed land having unlimited possibilities is almost incomplete without an indulgence into sports like Wildlife Safari, Para Gliding, Water Sports, Rock Climbing, Trekking, Mountaineering, Scuba Diving, Para Sailing etc.

Trekking in Maharashtra

One of the most famous places in Maharashtra for trekking remains to be the region of Bhandardara.  Some of the peaks here offer breathtaking and unforgettable trips of treks on hills that include the nearby Ratangadh – which is the highest of all the peaks in Maharashtra.

Near the town of Mahabaleshwar is Pratapgarh that offer similar services and also Panhala and Torna serves as an interesting option for trekking in the state. Other than this, several forts in the Sahyadri Ranges also offer a challenging trekking experience. Certain forts around the city of Pune including : Lohagad Fort, Sinhgad Fort, Raigadh Fort, Visapur Fort, Purandar Fort and the Shivneri Fort provide perfect options for indulgence in trekking.

A huge number of private entities like groups and institutions organize such trekking expeditions frequently

Para Gliding in Maharashtra

The major action for Paragliding in the state of Maharashtra is reserved for the Sahyadris or the Western Ghats that occupy parts of Gujrat and run down to meet the Nilgiris. Certain mountains with their hilltops and flatlands offer the best experience for people who wish to explore this sport.

The major cities of Maharashtra including Pune and Mumbai also offer considerable options for Paragliding. Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Deolali, Panchgani and Sinhgad offer some of the best options for Paragliding in the state. These are not the only options, several private entities offer the same services scattered across the state.

The Maharashtrian winter is the perfect time for this sport. The sport requires the adventurers to attain fitness in the complete sense before taking up this sport and must be mentally alert and have strong and quick reflexes to avoid any issues when in air. Several institutes across the state offer services and training in this sport. Basic sittings make one proficient enough to undergo this flying act.

Water Sports in Maharashtra

Considering the enchanting and extended coastline of the state of Maharashtra which is complemented by several lakes and dams in the state, the scope for water sports in Maharashtra is huge. The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation or MTDC along with several other private entities offer these water sports. Panshet Aqua Sports centers lies at a small drive of 40 kms off the city of Pune and offers the best in Aqua Sports including the adrenaline pumping activities like windsurfing, kayaking, speed boating, water scooters etc. The famous essel park just outside the scope of Mumbai is also famous for its water rides.

Sailing in Maharashtra

Brought into Maharashtra in 19th and 20th Century by British Colonizers, the Sport of Sailing has continued to be a very famous sport in Maharashtra. Both Pune and Mumbai offer a large number of options to indulge in Sailing.  Apart from the sea in Mumbai, several lakes in both the places offer sailing experiences.

The crystal clear lakes in the state of Maharashtra offer a divine experience to the lovers of Sailing. Sever Super Sonic rides can also be experienced in the state during summers. The tourist must ensure the basic knowledge of the sport as a small distance might look too large with wrong techniques. Khadakvasla Lake is the only place that sells and rents equipments for sailing.

Rock Climbing in Maharashtra

Maharashtra houses the famous mountains of Karla which date back to ancient time of 160 BC and also house the Chaitya Caves. Their rocky and rough terrain is the best place to indulge in a soul stirring rock climbing activity. Another noteworthy place for such an experience is at Bhandardara, which offer unlimited possibilities of rock climbing.

Wildlife Safari in Maharashtra

The diversity of the landscape in Maharashtra includes their exotic flora and fauna which is found easily in the lush green jungles the state has. The floral wilderness, the Natural Vegetation, animals and Birds can be seen at the 4 wildlife sanctuaries that this state has. The most desirable way to see and witness this natural beauty is to do them through Wildlife Safaris.

The Nawegaon and the Tadoba National Park is one of the most beautiful ones in Maharashtra. Animals of Indian Origin like Chinkara, Nilgai, Crocodiles and a huge number of migratory birds can be spoted there. For lovers of birds, the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary offers the best experience.  The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a natural habitat not only for Indian bird species but also a considerable number of migratory bird species which include winged birds such as the Golden Oriole.

The Melghat Tiger Reserve close to the city of Nagpur is full of wild beasts. The royal Bengal tiger can be easily spotted there along with species of Sambar, Panthers, Chital, Flying Squirrel and Bison. Famous for the hilly terrain, Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary also serves as an important sanctuary in Maharashtra.


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