Culture in Maharashtra

 Maharashtra boasts of its Native Language, Marathi. The people of Maharashtra are very particular and respectful towards their language and towards their rich culture and history. They take immense pride for Shivaji, their hero. The cultural heritage of Maharashtra is wealthy. The fairs dedicated to Lord Ganesha have been famed across the nation now. All the religions have important monuments and sites in that state. Art and devotion have also reached a new level in this state. British and Christian history is evident in the lanes of Mumbai. The historical heritage is also well preserved in Maharashtra. The caves of Ellora and Ajanta are sites of national and global archeological heritage and are a part of the several world heritage sites in India.

Costumes of Maharashtra

The vastness of the state naturally ads the required spice of variety to its culture. The people of Maharashtra have a distinct style of costume that varies from one region to another in the state. Having said that, their basic attire is usually similar. In the golden era, the Men wore a Dhoti and a simple Petha, whereas the women wore the traditional Marathi saree with a choli.

The traditional dress for men in Maharashtra involves the basic dhoti and a shirt which they called the Pheta. The traditional attire is incomplete without their usual headgear which is a simple Cap. Several people also use to tie a Pagdi or a Turban which is soon fading away from the scene.

For women, the traditional dress involves a saree. They tie the saree around their lower part. The sarees usually have varied lengths and are accompanied by the choli for the torso. The Choli is meant to cover half the torso and have cropped sleeves

People and Lifestyle of Maharashtra

Marathi reigns supreme as the language of the people of Maharashtra. Although every religion has a fair share in the population of Maharashtra, the Hindus have a clear majority. The traditional clothing involves the Pheta, Kurta and Dhoti for the men while the women don the unique Marathi Saree and Choli.

There is also a huge sense of diversity in the state. It would be unfair to use one term for the entire state. With a gamut of dances, Foods, Dresses etc, the people of Maharashtra are popular for their rich culture. The cuisine is also varied, the Varadi and Konkani varieties are set to sweep people off the floor. Apart from the strong spices used in the dishes, the state of Maharashtra is also famous for its delicious street food. The chaat of the state capital is particularly famous. The dance forms in the state too are also diverse.

Cuisines in Maharashtra

The culture of Maharashtra equates Brahma, the Universe’s creator to food, as a result of which Maharashtra has a culture of offering food first to god. On the occasions of festivals and fairs, Special sweets are offered to gods.

There are basically two different branches of Marathi cuisine - Varadi and Konkan. Maharashtra coastal areas are bordered by the Arabian Sea. This coastal front is known as the Konkan and has a unique cuisine which is a blend of Gaud, Malvani, Saraswat, Goan and Brahmin cuisines. The Non Coastal part of Maharashtra which is often termed as the Vidharba is the home to the Varadi cuisine.

In the traditional cuisine of Maharashtra, vegetables are blessed with a sedate and aromatic delight while the fishes and meats come steamy hot and spice. The Konkani cuisine relies heavily on the use of coconut and spices.

Dances of Maharashtra

The diversity and the richness of the Maharashtrian culture drips down to its traditional dance forms too. One very interesting dance form in the state is the Povada. Basically based around the life of Shivaji Rao, this dance form is mesmerizing to see.
Other than this, Lavani and Koli dances are also particularly famous for their rhythm and grammar. Dindi, Dhangri Gaja, Tamasha and Kala are all part of its folk dance repertoire.

Music of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is famous for taking its festivals seriously. All of them are filled with colors, Dances and songs. The music in the state of Maharashtra revolves around the Natya Sangeet, abundant folk songs and the saints with their poetry.

The music of Bollywood is also deeply rooted in Maharashtra.

Festivals in Maharashtra

Due to the presence of every religion, all the festivals are observed in Maharashtra. The Ganesh Chathurthi takes festivities to another level and is famed across the country for the same. Diwali, like in the rest of the nation, is celebrated with much fervor and joy in Maharashtra too. All the other major festivals of the Hindus are duly observed. The Muslims in the state celebrate their Eids and Muharram with as much fervor joy and passion.


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