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Maharashtra’s Regional Literature is about Maharashtrians life and circumstances in specific part of the state. This particular subject of Maharashtra’s literary works has faced dramatic contribution from S.N. Pendse.

Maharashtra’s regional literature targets people’s life and circumstances in particular region of the state. S.N. Pendse in 1913 has made remarkable contribution for the development of this regional literature. All his novels keenly focused on people and their situations of north Konkan part of Maharashtra. The authenticity in all of his works declares his immense knowledge on the culture, environment and economy of this place. In Pendse’s first novel in 1949, ‘Elgar’, he targeted the emotional issue of communal riots in wake of tragic incidents in the coastal region of Noakhali. ‘Haddapar’ in 1950 and ‘Garambicha Bapu’ in 1951 showcased his dominance in the world of Marathi literature. His imagery character of Bapu and school teacher Raje are ever lasting memories. In this work, Garambicha Bapu, the author describes the scenic beauty of Konkan and traditional touch of this village community to display a god romantic story. His work ‘Hatya’ in 1954, followed by its sequel, ‘Kalandar’ in 1959, ‘Yashoda’ in 1957, ‘Rathachakra in 1962, ‘Lawhali’ in 1966 and ‘Octopus’ in 1972 are good illustrations of his writings. He targets on the realistic scenic beauty of the region and the people.

Jayawant Dalvi in 1925 also contributed significantly to the literature of this region. He is a proficient writer who manages drama, humor, novel, short story with equal importance. His literature collections include 8 plays, 10 short stories, 14 novels and many travelogues and good collection of humor based stories. His works display vigor, sensitivity and compassion towards human beings in this modern society and their changing lives and the world in which they survive. He depends on the life of middle class people for his central themes. In his work, ‘Chakra’ in 1963, he depicted the ground reality of typical slum life in a provocative style. This novel improved his reputation as proficient writer. His notable novels are ‘Adhantari’, ‘Vedagala, Swagat’, and ‘Sare Pravasi Ghadiche’. Sandhya Chhaya brings out the problems and inner destruction of old age couple. His several other work illustrates his interest in current political and social issues.

Another writer, M.M. Karnik in 1933 released various stories about the regional literature specifically on south Konkan. He depicts the warmness and humor of people together with natural scenic beauty of striking coastal region.

G.N. Dandekar in 1916 is a prominent writer to focus on mythology, culture, literature, religion and history. He has made significant contributions to several literary genres but he is equally important for his historical works sets on Marathi history like ‘Jhunjhar Machi’, ‘Harahar Mahadeva’, ‘Baya Daar Ughada’ and ‘Kadambarimaya Shivakaia’. He also focused on the transitional era from colonial period to political independence along with the vanishing traditional values in the establishment of contemporary industrial culture which helped him to hang on the tradition. He reacted to the change in the social environment is to romanticize their traditional society and also its ways. He also displayed the nostalgic and remorseful traditional attitude in his ‘Machiwarala Budha’ in 1958, ‘Padghavali’ in 1956, ‘Pawanakathacha Dhondi’ in 1958 and ‘Shitu’ in 1955.

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