Although the state of Maharashtra is renowned for its magnificent beaches, humungous forts, colorful festivals and loads of other things, one of the major attractions of the state are scattered across Maharashtra in the most subtle manner make their presence felt are the several gardens and parks in the state. The gardens and Parks of Maharashtra are the punctuations of a splendid tourist attraction. The several parks in the state are scattered all across its geography giving a much needed greener break to the people of Maharashtra. Visit to Maharashtra is almost incomplete if one has not spent some drooling time in these gardens enjoying the pastoral beauty that it offers. Several people choose these parks to replenish themselves of the energies that they have spent travelling across the city. The pastoral greens glittering with flowers and smelling of fruits are the best that a man can ask for. Other than that, the places where these parks are located and the several legends that people sing about them in the locality adds to the mystic charm of this blissful place. The cities of Mumbai and Pune particularly have several beautiful gardens. For example the Kamala Nehru Park, the Hanging Garden, the Agakhan Palace Garden, Bund Garden, Empress garden, the University Park, the Saras Baug and the Kataraj Snake Park. Other than these, there are some blissful gardens like the Ryewood Park in  the heart of Lonavla which is the green lung of Maharashtra, the Townhall Garden of Kolhapur along with several others

The Vicinity

Greenery is not the only thing that these gardens boast of, there are other tourist attractions like beaches, temples, waterfalls, famous restaurants and wild life sanctuaries that offer the best view of the nature which is complemented by traditional and authentic cuisine of the state of Maharashtra.

Famous Parks and Gardens in Maharashtra

University Park:

Spread across a whopping area of 400 acres is the garden of the University in Pune. With roads and small eateries on its soil, this is one of the most significant areas of green in the state. Mr. Woodrew was the chief of drawing this plan of the University Garden. Several people of Pune throng here to spend a quiet evening of peace.

Townhall Garden

In the heart of the city of Kolhapur is the Towhnhall Garden that is spread across 7 0r 8 acres of land. The garden is blessed with a variety of valuable sultry and interesting trees, lawns, shrubs, creepers etc.  The Townhall building was constructed way back in 1876. Much later in 1904, a glasshouse was added to it and later a huge bust of Shivaji carved out of Marble was installed here in 1927. To add to the existing beauty and archeological museum is also present.

Saras Baug

Located in the city of Pune, the Saras Baugh is a garden that has enjoyable lawns along with a renowned temple of Lord Ganesha. The latter was commissioned by Madhavrao Peshwa himself.

Ryewood Park

In the heart of the city of Lonavala, Just a walking distance away from the railway station lies the Ryewood Park. Blessed with a number of natural vegetations, the park is spread across 25 acres of land and has scores of exotic trees and climbers.  An ancient temple of Mahadev is also situated in the park. A lot of people from Mumbai and Pune reach here to have a shot at Picnic.

Katraj Snake Park

As the name suggests, the place offers an artificial house to almost 300-350 snakes of as many as 40 different species. Along with it there are other animals like deers, Reptiles and leopards can also be found here. This park was established in the year 1986.

Kamala Nehru Park

Located in the capital city of Mumbai, The Kamla Nehru Park is located on the top of the famous Malabar Hill and offers a jaw dropping view of the Metropolis. Constructed way back in the year 1952, The Park owes its name to that of the wife of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. The total areas of land that this park covers is a whopping 4,000 square yards. During the night, this place offers a panoramic view of the Marine Drive.

Hanging Gardens

Malabar Hill also houses this very famous garden called the Hanging Garden. A bird’s eye view of the Colaba area is worth a watch from here. So is the view of Sunset. The garden sits over a total of 3 reservoirs which treat a total of 30 million gallons of water.

Empress Garden

Actually a botanical Garden, this Empress Garden on the Sholapur Highway gives access to a wide variety of plants and flowers. This place is situated very close to the Racecourse of Pune and is also very close to the Pune Cantonment. The place is renowned for its lush green lawns.

Bund Gardens

Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy personally commissioned this Bund Garden that stand on the bank of a river and offer the best place possible to stroll past the lush green grass and a view of the flowing water. People also come here for rowing and boating facilities.

Agakhan Palace Garden

Situated very close to the Bund Garden is the Agakhan Palace Garden that is also in the vicinity of Pune Yerwada. Kasturba Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Sarojini Naidu , Shri Mahadeobhai Desai along with several others were arrested and thrown into the Agakhan palace when the Quit India Movement of 1942 was on.

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