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Townhall Garden

  • Townhall Garden is located in the city of Kolhapur in Maharashtra.
  • It covers an extensive area of about 8 acres of land.
  • The major attractions of the Townhall Garden include the incredible sculpture of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj made up of marble and the Glass house.
  • This garden can be easily reached by bus or private cab after reaching Kolhapur by road or rail.

The city of Kolhapur in Maharashtra showcases the perfect blend of modern lifestyle and ancient Indian tradition. The vast territory of Kolhapur encloses an astonishing collection of tourist attractions of which Townhall Garden is one of places of interest. Basically, Townhall Garden serves as the garden campus for the Townhall museum. This garden, which is beautifully located in the heart of the city, adds to its splendour and an extensive 7 - 8 acres of land has been wrapped by the garden.

The Townhall Garden is home to some of the most exotic species of plants and trees. Some trees hailing from the tropical belt are among the most unique features of this garden. Along with a wide variety of trees and plants, there are several shrubs as well, which shoot our beautiful flowers with vivacious fragrances and bright colours. The lawns of this garden are finely trimmed and wonderfully manicured. The garden is also titivated by many climbers and creepers supported amazingly by hedgerows, which make the sight appear like a beautiful and colourful garland.


The Townhall garden has been beautifully developed around the Townhall museum of Kolhapur. There are not many architectural wonders in the garden apart from a historic museum, a marble sculpture of Shivaji Maharaj and a glasshouse. The Townhall building was accomplished in 1876 as one of marvellous neo-gothic structures and the Glass house was constructed in 1904. The Townhall building is the only building which represents the pure neo-gothic style of architecture.

The marble statue of Shivaji Maharaj has been in the garden since 1927. Townhall museum is also one of the splendid places in the garden which possesses an archaeological collection of historic sculptures, ivory filigree and sandalwood works, portrays and paintings of legendry people from the master artists of olden times, some old coins and many more which are worth the eyes.

How to Get There

Kolhapur, located in Maharashtra, is about 450 Km from Mumbai. There is no airport yet in Kolhapur, thus road and rail are the two ways of reaching the city.

Reaching here by road may take about 8 - 10 hours from Mumbai and Bangalore. Kolhapur is well connected to other parts of the country by express and superfast trains. Once you reach Kolhapur, you can hire a cab or take a bus to reach the Townhall Garden.

Best Time to Visit

Kolhapur maintains a pleasant climate throughout the year. Winters are not very cold while the summers are not too hot as well.

  • Winters in Kolhapur, which start from November and go on till February are very pleasant with an average temperature of 14 - 30 degree Celsius.
  • Monsoons are accompanies by medium rainfall with temperature ranging between 23 - 30 degree Celsius
  • Summers are a bit hotter but not very extreme. The temperature ranges between 24 - 35 degree Celsius.

Thus, best time to visit the place is all through the year, however, one can avoid May, as it is the hottest month of summer when temperature is nearly 33 -35 degree Celsius.

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