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Ryewood Park

  • Ryewood Park beautifully adds to the lush green surroundings of Lonavala, Maharashtra.
  • It is a picturesque picnic destination visited by an extensive number of tourists.
  • It is spread over an area of 25 acres.
  • The park derives its name from Mr. Rye, who was an English officer.

Reminiscent of pleasant spring time, this splendid park is a must visit if want to spend some time at a tranquil and relaxing place. The park covers an extensive area of 10 ha, that is, 25 ha and has got its name from Mr. Rye, who was an English officer.

This park is the perfect destination for a lazy afternoon or an eventful evening as it offers the perfect environment for relaxation. This park is the perfect destination for nature lovers and photo fanatics. Open all seven days of the week, this park offers leisure time for everybody between 8 am - 7 pm which are its working hours.


The park was initially designed as a botanical garden and later, it was converted into a park. It still retains some exotic and old rare flowers and trees of that era in which it was established. In the midst of towering trees and lined beautiful and colourful flowers, the tourists will also spot an ancient but glorious Mahadev Temple located in the park.

The beautiful fences and small authentic wood benches add to the charm of this garden. Abundant in floral variety, this park possesses decades old trees. Swings, flowers and green lawns are the major highlights of the park.

How to Reach

Lonavala is a beautiful hill station near Mumbai. It is located at a distance of about 90 Km from Mumbai and65 Km away from Pune. The nearest airports are Pune and Mumbai. Lonavala is also easily reachable both by rail and by road from Mumbai and Pune. The park is quite near to Lonavala's railway station and one can hire a private taxi or a local transportation medium to reach the park.

Best Time to Visit

Lonavala maintains a moderate climate all through the year with warm summers. So, the best time to visit the place is all through the year, except may in which summers are at their peak.

  • Winters start from November and continue till February. The minimum temperature in winters may hot 12 degree Celsius but majorly winters are pleasant. This is the best time to visit the place.
  • Monsoons which start from June and extend till September receive moderate rainfall. The hill station of Lonavala looks amazingly beautiful during monsoon.
  • Summers are also pleasant except for May in which the temperature may go up to 40 degree Celsius.

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