Chandrapur located in the border region of Andhra Pradesh was the largest district in India before its division. It was divided into two districts of Gadchiroli and Chandrapur. The district known as Chanda District was renamed to Chandrapur in 1964. Asia’s biggest super thermal power plant has been set up in Chandrapur district. The district is also famous for its coal mines and limestone reservoirs. The Tadoba National Park is also located near Chandrapur district which is one of the largest tiger reserves in India.

Chandrapur is also famous for some of the ancient temples of Achaleshwar and Mahakali.

History of Chandrapur

Chandrapur has seen the rule of many Hindu and Buddhist rulers till the Gonds captured the region in 9th century. After the Gond kings, the region was under the Maratha rule during 18th century. During the British rule, Chandrapur became their princely state. After Independence, the Indian states were reorganised on linguistic basis. Chandrapur with a large population of people speaking Marathi was made a part of Maharashtra. For administrative purposes, the district was divided into Chandrapur and Gadchiroli after the census of 1981.

Major Attractions in Chandrapur

Some of the major attractions in Chandrapur are Tadoba national park which is 45 kms from Chandrapur and Andheri Tiger project which are the main attractions in Chandrapur. Some of the famous religious destinations in Chandrapur are Mahakali temple, Somnath temple and Jain temple at Bhadravati. Ramala Talav Garden a newly constructed garden is the major attraction for people visiting Chandrapur.

Moreover, there are many ancient caves which can also be seen here, there are eight caves which date back to 8th century. Various Buddhist sculpture can also be found here which gives us a glimpse of Buddhist era that prevailed here.

Another wildlife sanctuary where one can find the Giant Squirrel is Chaprala wildlife sanctuary here in Chandrapur.

Mahakali Temple

The Mahakali temple is very popular and has great importance to the lives of people in Chandrapur. Devotees visit the temple daily but Tuesdays are considered to be auspicious and hence the temple is crowded on Tuesdays.

Best Time to Visit Chandrapur

Chandrapur being the place located at the border region to Andhra Pradesh has warmer climatic conditions throughout the year. The place is famous for its dry and hot climatic conditions. May is the hottest month here. The best time to visit the place is during the months of February and May.

How to Reach

By Road

Chandrapur is well connected with other parts of the city with good roads. There are regular bus services from all the major cities like Aurangabad, Amravati, Hyderabad, Shirdi etc

By Rail

Chandrapur railway station is a major station which is connected with the other major cities in Maharashtra. There are trains from various other cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Kanyakumari etc.

By Air

The nearest airport to Chandrapur is Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur which is 154 kms away. All the major airlines do service to this airport.

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