Jalgaon is the city that is located to northern part of Maharashtra. The district is situated near the historical Ajanta cave which is 59 km away. Today, Jalgaon is a fast developing industrial area with major industries having their operations here. The city has good schools, colleges and health care system. The city is also known as Banana City as it has become the largest producer of Bananas in Maharashtra. Jalgaon also owns the first audio guided Gandhi museum known as the ‘Khoj Gandhiji Ki’. Many famous personalities including our former president of India, Pratibha Patil, are from Jalgaon. The city is also known for the transparency in Gold market hence the city is referred to as the Gold City.

The majority of people do farming and the main product cultivated here are bananas and about 16% of India’s bananas come from Jalgaon. Hence, the city has also become the Banana capital of India. Cotton is also cultivated in large scale here.

The jewellery makers of Jalgaon are famous for their craftsmanship.

The town was found by the Maratha ruler Sardar Tulajirao Bhoite from the Satara district. The mansion built by the Bhoite rulers is today known as Bhoite Gadhi.

Major Tourist Attractions

Gandhi Teerth

Located in Jain hills in Jalgaon is the famous art museum which is the first audio guided museum in India. Here one can experience and know the life of Gandhiji as well as India’s freedom struggle. The audio facility is provided in three languages Hindi, English and Marathi. Gandhi Teerth also has an excellent library with over 8000 books, more than 2 Lakhs of digitalised pages, audio speeches of Gandhiji and more.

Mehrun Lake

Mehrun is famous for the fruit known as the ‘Bor’. It is one of the popular tourist spots in Jalgaon. It is believed that the name Jalgaon has been inspired from the Lake.


The Temple of Lord Ganesha is a popular temple in Jalgaon that attracts thousands of devotees to Jalgaon every year. The Temple has two statues of Ganesha which are believed to be svayambu or self evolved. This temple is one of the oldest temples which are even referred in the Mahabharata.

Hot Water Spring of Unapdev

The hot water springs of Unapdev is considered to holy and attracts lots of pilgrims here. This hot water spring is the main attraction here and there is reference about this hot water spring in Ramayana and puranas. The water is believed to have healing power which can cure various skin problems.

Shopping in Jalgaon

The main shopping centre is the Phule market which is the retail market for consumer durables, clothing and even cosmetics. Tourists can find good quality cotton and other materials at a cheap rate here. The Jewellery of Jalgaon is famous and can be bought from Sarafa Bazar, the biggest jewellery markets in Maharashtra, where one can find good quality gold and gold jewellery.

Best Time to Visit Jalgaon

The best time to visit Jalgaon is during the months of December and February. Jalgaon experiences extreme climatic conditions and summers are too hot and dry and winters are cold but pleasant. Winters are considered as the best time to visit the district which can be ideal for sightseeing.

How to Reach Jalgaon

By Road

Jalgaon can be easily reached as there are ample bus services from various major cities of Maharashtra.

By Rail

There are frequent trains from various parts of India like Mumbai, Bhopal, Indore, Chennai, Kolkata etc. Jalgaon railway station is main railway station to reach Jalgaon.

By Air

Jalgaon Airport which is only 6 km from the city centre is the nearest airport. Major airlines provide service to Jalgaon.

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