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Village Life Experience In Maharashtra

India is a country with six types of religions including Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism. Despite of the presence of different religions, people of various castes and races come together and enjoy them. Though they have their own spiritual beliefs but still they celebrate different festivals and spread harmony among the people.

Every state of India is unique and known for its tasty cuisines and rich flavors. Nowadays, the restaurants serve both the South Indian as well as the North Indian style of food. But the real taste can only be enjoyed in the traditional dishes which are available in the respective states only.

The progress of any state depends on the economic, industrial and agricultural growth and the same trend can be seen in Maharashtra. The village is considered to be the lifeline of this state which strengthens the root. By geographical area, Maharashtra is the largest Indian state and has the highest rural population as well. A major part of the population resides in the rural area. Their houses are made of mud and the greenery all around catches the attention of the people. The paddy field will leave a beautiful impression on your mind and you will definitely love the villages of Maharashtra.

People in Villages of Maharashtra

People of different regions and communities reside in the villages of Maharashtra. The multicultural trend within India can be best seen in Maharashtra where you will find people of all communities living together. The number of Hindus in the villages is slightly higher than other communities like Jewish, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Jainism. The state is also known to have the largest number of Jains, Jewish and Zoroastrian living in the villages of Maharashtra. Other tribes that reside here are Kolam, Warli, Gond, Andh, Halba, Oraon, Malhar, Gamit, Bhil, Koli, Thakur, Korku, Katkari and Mahadeo. Though there are lots of languages spoken by the people but Marathi is their regional language. Other languages used by people are Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Ahirani, English etc.

Education in Maharashtra Villages

People living in the villages of Maharashtra are literate thus being the highest in India. Many government aided schools have been established so that people can learn and explore a new dimension of life. The children can go to school and even go for higher studies with the help of the facilities provided by the government. This is the reason that the families are educated and well mannered. Currently, several institutes have been established for the younger generation so that they can receive better facilities for higher education. The authorities are taking action to enhance the quality of education in the rural areas of Maharashtra.

Occupation of Maharashtrian Villagers

Just like the many other villages of India, in Maharashtra too agriculture has been the prime occupation of the people. They are involved in food crops as well as crash crop cultivation that not only help them in supporting the livelihood of their family but provide food for other states as well. Some of the important crops that are cultivated by the farmers are pulses, wheat, bajra, grapes, oranges, rice, mangoes, bananas, jowar and many more. Crash crops like cotton, tobacco, groundnut, turmeric, sugarcane are also cultivated and exported to other regions and counties. Other crops that are cultivated include chickpea, sunflower, sorghum, safflower, soybean etc. Oranges of Nagpur and Bathplug, grapes of Nasik and mangoes of Alphanso are highly popular in India.

Culture in Villages of Maharashtra

Maharashtra state is known for its cultural diversity which is worth admiring. The villages are the home to the cultural diversity with people of different religions living here. The tribal culture of Maharashtra is one of the most popular in India and you should definitely not miss it. You will come across a variety of cultures, traditions and languages spoken here. People still believe in the old traditions and worship nature, sacrifice animals to please the God and lots more. When it comes to celebration the people of Maharashtra are not left behind as they participate in all types of activities with lots of joy. Some of the festivals enjoyed here are Diwali, Narali Purnima Dussehra, Nag Panchami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Gokul Asthami, Holi/Vasant Panchami etc. Other festivals that you can explore are the Ellora Festival, Banganga Festival, Elephanta Festival and Pune Festival.

Dance and Music in Villages of Maharashtra

People living in Maharashtra are very energetic, that is why they love to celebrate all the festivals with a lot of enthusiasm. They are very fond of traditional music and dance through the tune of the different songs. Folk dances are very popular in the villages of Maharashtra and you can even get a glimpse of them. Some of the popular folk dances which are performed in the villages are povadas, bharuds, lavnis, gondnals and many more. Chitrakatha, Tamasha, Dhonageetc etc are some excellent forms of folk music that you can enjoy here.

Tourism in Maharashtra

The pleasant atmosphere of the villages seeks the attention of the tourists with lots of visitors pouring in every year. The people love to enjoy the traditional culture and tribal life of the state.

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