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Bhira Waterfalls

Bhira Dam is a picturesque place situated in Kolad in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Built by the Tata Power Company in 1927, the Dam is also called as the Tata Power House Dam. The dam has tremendous significance as water from this huge reservoir is singularly responsible for keeping many industries running in the Mumbai and Pune industrial area. Bhira waterfall is popular and attracts thousands of tourists every year, especially during the rainy season.


Bhira is a small village located approximately 150 km from Mumbai. The dam build by Tata Power Company has brought the village on the tourist map of Maharashtra. In terms of size, Bhira Dam can easily be listed as one of the biggest hydroelectric power projects in the country. The huge dam has turned the region in to a hub of tourist activity. People enjoy picnicking and boating in the waters nearby the dam. Bhira waterfall gushes down in its full glory at the peak of the rainy season during the months of June to August.

Water rafting is another interesting activity indulged in by the revelers but it depends on how much water is released from the Bhira dam. The water bodies in the areas surrounding the dam such as the Kundalika River have painted the whole area a soothing green.

Kundalika River is believed to be one of the fastest flowing rivers as water is periodically released into the river from the Bhira River and other dams located nearby. Tourists indulge in various adventurous activities like river rafting, sailing, paragliding, river crossing, etc. Rafting through the river in the backdrop of serene greenery is an enchanting experience that people love to relive. That’s why more and more people keep coming back to Bhira waterfalls and Kolad.


Bhira Waterfalls is situated in Kolad which is about 130 km from Mumbai and approximately 120 km from Pune. It lies on the old Mumbai-Panvel-Goa road. The place is known for its natural beauty and lush green surroundings. With a local population of just about 10,000, this is a rather sleepy place that oozes with calmness and tranquility. People from major metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune wanting to get away from the crowds, din and pollution of the cities just love visiting here for weekend trips to get refreshed and rejuvenated.

Other Places to Visit Nearby

The Dholwal Dam is another popular water reservoir of the region and situated among the famous Sahyadri Ranges of Western Maharashtra. The water from the Dholwal Dam is primarily used for agricultural purpose. The place is renowned for its natural beauty and countryside flavor.

There is a place of religious significance nearby in the Gaimukh village. The old temple of the village attracts huge crowds during the Hindu festival of Mahashivaratri has Lord Shiva as its resident deity. Tourists can also visit the Birla Salao Temple and the Pali Ganesh Mandir situated nearby.

How to Reach Kolad

By Train

Kolad railway station is located on the Konkan Railway line. There are frequent trains going through this line from Mumbai and Pune to Goa and South India.

By Road

There are many buses plying through Kolad as it is well connected to Mumbai, Pune, Raigad and Goa. Taxi services are also available from nearby cities.

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