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Pandavkada Falls

Pandavkada Falls is an imposing, spectacular waterfall that cascades down the Pandavkada hills during the monsoon. The famous falls lies amidst the gigantic Pandavkada hills of Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, which is a satellite city located just an hour’s drive from Mumbai. The waterfall comes into its own during the rainy season as rainwater accumulated at the top of the Pandavkada hills gushes down majestically from a great height. The splash that it creates on the rocky terrain below the hill is a sight to behold.


The Pandavkada waterfall gets its name from the Pandavas of Mahabharata. It is believed that the Pandavas passed through this place during their 14-year exile from Ayodhya. They bathed and rested in the foothills before their onward journey. There is a huge tunnel beside the hills through which the Pandavas are believed to have entered the place.


Pandavkada Falls is a waterfall that’s a major tourist attraction during the rainy season. Located in Kharghar suburb of Navi Mumbai, the place is famous from the spectacular sight of milky white sheets of rain water cascading down the hills with tremendous velocity. The people of Mumbai and nearby places find the Pandavkada Falls a great weekend getaway from the din and crowd of the hot and humid Mumbai.

Key Attractions at Pandavkada

The waterfall here is approximately 107 meters high and is a sight that’s truly amazing. The water hits the ground with a huge splash and with tremendous force. It is advisable not to stand directly in the line of the fall as it can prove to be dangerous. The water literally pounds down on the rocks below. The place is also popular for the Buddhist Caves that’s situated nearby and where visitors can visit for its exceptional peace and serenity.

Bathing at Pandavkada Falls

Unless you try something really adventurous, the place is relatively safe. There have been instances of accidents at the venue in the recent past. The governing body of CIDCO was forced to declare the place out of bounds for tourists in 2010 because of the tragic drowning of 12 students while they were swimming in the pool created by the waterfall. A similar incident had occurred in 2005 as well when four students drowned in the deep waters because they failed to gauge its depth. When it rains heavily, water can get really dangerous in the pool below as the level rises rapidly.

Other Places to Visit Nearby

There is a huge central park coming up in the vicinity planned on international lines. There is also an ISKON temple rapidly rising in outskirts of Kharghar. People can also visit the sprawling golf course that’s a place golfers love to visit.

How to Reach Pandavkada

By Road

Pandavkada is 46 km from Mumbai on the Mumbai-Panvel highway. Travelers can get down at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai and take a cab or an auto rickshaw to reach the place.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Kharghar on the Harbour Line which runs from CST to Panvel. Rickshaws are available from the station to go to Pandavkada.

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