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Thoseghar Waterfalls

Thoseghar Waterfalls is an incredible pictographic waterfall located near the Satara city in Maharashtra. The waterfall is at a mere distance of 20 km from Satara and at the commencement of the Konkan Region. Thoseghar Waterfalls incorporate a series of small and big beautiful waterfalls, some of which are mere 15-20 metres in height while the biggest one is around 500 meter in height.

There is heavy rainfall in the Satara city and area becomes lush green during this time. Since the place experiences a grave rainfall, this waterfall is a major tourist attraction during the rainy seasons. The Thoseghar Waterfalls area is quite calm and quiet, blessed with a clean picturesque lake along with dark woods in a beautiful hilly area.

This place is a heaven for those who are lovers of Mother Nature’s beauty while enjoying pleasant & soothing climate, especially during rainy seasons. There is a recently constructed Platform that has been built by the managing government here allowing tourists to stand safely and closely and to take a good view of the Thoseghar Waterfall. The waterfall has also faced some negative incidences since many people have wasted their lives while enjoying some adventures there. Since then the government has taken strict actions towards security and safety here.

These all together make Thoseghar Waterfalls quite popular and a must watch place not only for Indian tourists but also for international tourists.


The Thoseghar Waterfall is also well knows as ‘Ram and Lakshman Waterfall’. This waterfall has been named after the Hindu god ‘Ram’ and ‘Lakshman’. Water collected from a wide range of mountains explicitly Kas, Mahabaleshwar and Yavateshwar along with Panchgani starts flowing via Thoseghar Waterfall. This is also is the origin of "Tarlee River". There are also some ancient temples and religious places around this area which are a major tourist attraction here.


The Thoseghar Waterfalls is located in the western India in the state of Maharashtra. This picturesque waterfall has many waterfalls located at a distance of 20 km from Satara. The area is located at the beginning of the Konkan Region. The waterfall is situated at the infamous Sajjangarh road which is quite close to Satara. A complete view of the Thoseghar Waterfalls can be enjoyed by going to Chalkewadi, and for better one can walk down the main road for mere 5 km.

The Falls

The Thoseghar Waterfalls enjoys series of waterfalls with different height of falls. The highest one is 500 meter in height while smallest ones include 15-20 meter of height.


A platform is recently constructed by the government for the tourists to enjoy the waterfall’s beauty from closely. This step was taken after some mishaps that happened with some tourists seeking some wild adventure in the waterfall leading to deaths.

Plateau of Kaas

When people visit the Thoseghar Waterfalls, they make a certain visit to Plateau of Kaas. The Plateau of Kaas is a divine gift from Mother Nature. This place is rich in Fauna and Flora beauty having more than 850 species of flowering plants.

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