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University Park

  • The University Park is located in the state of Maharashtra in Pune city.
  • The park and its interior sketch were designed by Mr. Woodrew.
  • This beautiful park covers an area of about 400 acre.
  • The gothic Italian architectural styled giant University structure, well maintained lawns and the housed pool are main attractions.
  • The park is easily reached from any corner of the Pune city by local bus or cab.
  • University opening time and the visiting time of the park are the same about which any one can confirm.

This University Park is located at the heart of the city and spread in 400 acres. The University Park area of campus is full of hushed and tranquil pathways which are mainly desolate nearly all the times. The University of Pune, also locally known as Pune Vidyapeeth, is very famous center of knowledge and learning. This University is an epitome of knowledge and the students from this university are in every field and also academically excelled to spread education not only in Maharashtra but in whole of India and abroad. Besides the splendid act of student’s education in all streams to make them the leaders of tomorrow, the University has a special place—The University Park of Pune.

Pune University is a famous seat of every type of higher learning’s and generally recognized as the Oxford of the east. The University of Pune offers diverse courses which attract the students from all Indian states and world over yearly. IUCCAA (University Center for Astrophysics and Astronomy) is world’s renowned Inter University center which is situated in Pune University Campus.


The University Park is a place where visitors can spend lovely evenings. Mr. Woodrew, gardening architectural expert, designed the gardens of this park in such a way that nature tries to speak to you. This University garden is extended and renovated under successive gardeners to upgrade and beautifully maintained than its original form. All these upgradations and well maintenance with artistic views have transformed the University Park of Pune in its present delightful form. University garden has brilliantly manicured grass lawns and number of different varieties of energetic colored flowers. This Park is filled with the local breeds of flowers along with the imported flowers and plants which live yearly and other plants who can easily adapt to new climatic conditions. Ornamental flora, abundant trees and all sized shrubs add beauty to the landscape of main University building. Italian-Gothic style is carefully used with local grey trap rocks to make University building which surrounds a high square tower of about 30 meter height and in-house swimming pool.

How to Get There

Pune is finely linked by road, air and rail from all important parts of the state and India. MSRTC operates regular bus services from Mumbai to Pune. Private bus operators also provide bus services on this route. Local travelling in Pune can be undertaken by city buses, auto-rickshaws and taxis.

Best time to Visit

Pune observes all the normal Indian seasons during the year. Mid-September to February is the finest time to visit Pune.

  • Visitors experience average level of dampness and normal cool weather from November to February (winters). During winter period temperature can even go below 10°C and lots of visitors favor this phase.
  • March to June (summers) months are hot and dry with temperature up to 42°C making the tourist’s inflow at the lowest level specially in April and May (peak summer months).
  • July to September, the Monsoon season, months have average rainfalls to bring relief from hot summer months.

Although July to September month is humid and pleasantly cool but due to rainfalls, the traffic jams are the common scenes owing to water blockages. Thus, the ideal time for tourists to witness the sights and activities of Pune is from October to February.

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