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Located in the South-West part of Maharashtra, Sawantwadi is one of the major tourist attractions in the Konkan region of the state. It is a famous tourist destination in the Sindhudurg district and stretches from Sahyadri on the east to the expansive Arabian Sea in the west. Sawantwadi covers a major portion of the Western Ghats.

What to Look For

Sawantwadi and the adjoining areas have an abundance of natural beauty and the exceptional greenery, mountains, beaches and hill ranges are the reason why it attracts tourists from all over the globe in large numbers all round the year. The visuals of the place can keep you captivated for hours on end and energize the stressed and tired minds and limbs. Sawantwadi has everything that a traveler yearns for. It offers captivating natural scenery, a host of historic locations and an amazing treat of the lip-smacking, sumptuous Malwani cuisines.


The township of Sawantwadi was created by the dynasty of the Bhosales and Sawants some 300 years ago. It was known as Sunderwadi earlier but got associated with the name of the ruling family gradually. Sawantwadi remained as an independent entity for eight long years after independence before it finally became a part of the Republic of India. Some of the remarkable symbols of the olden times include the 18th century Great Royal Palace and the Lester Gate and the Atmeshwar Tali created in the 19th century. The famous Kolgaon Darwaja and the holy shrine of Vithal are more than 200 years old.

The Distinctive Features of Sawantwadi

Sawantwadi is famous for its wooden crafts, especially the wooden fruits and vegetables that look as good as original. Sawantwadi lacquer craft is legendary. The traditional wooden arts and crafts industry still thrives and is very active. The place is also famous for its bamboo work, pottery art and ancient paintings called chitra-kathi which is a traditional art, specific to this region. Other famous contributions from Sawantwadi includes the game of Ganghifa or a card game involving 102 cards and Shilpa Gram or the handicrafts village where local artisans get the opportunity to display, promote and sell their unique creations to the tourists.

Places to Visit in Sawantwadi

Amboli Hill Station

This is a must-see hill station located at 690 meters above sea level. Dense forests and an enchanting view of nature greet you. The highpoint is of course the sunset which leaves you zapped with its beauty. The place is best visited during monsoon as the cascading waterfalls add a new dimension to this picture-perfect place.

Sawantwadi Palace

This place once again is an iconic symbol of Sawantwadi and offers a wonderful collection of traditional arts and crafts including lacquer ware items made centuries ago by local artisans. The 300-plus years old Ganjifa paintings are also on display here. The 1800 AD palace attracts hundreds of tourists daily.

Moti Lake

Situated right in front of the Sawantwadi Palace, it is famous for its calm, clear waters. You can go boating here as most tourists do.

The Main Forts of Sawantwadi

Manohargad and Santoshgad are the famous twin forts built during the reign of Peshwas and Marathas. The triangular-shaped forts have a table land of considerable size on the top. A narrow valley divides the two forts.

There are many other places that you can go visiting while in Sawantwadi. These include the scenic backwaters of Aronda Kiranpani on the Goa border, the Narendra Dongar which is a hill which offers a spectacular view of the region and the famous Hanuman and Vithal temples.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

The climate remains pleasant throughout the year. Summer and winter temperatures are moderate but the region experiences heavy rains from June to September. The best time to visit Sawantwadi is from October through March.

How to Reach

By Rail

Sawantwadi railway station is a major station on the Konkan Railway track and connects the district to Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

By Road

Sawantwadi is well connected by road to all major cities in and around the district. State transport buses as well as private buses, cars and taxis ply from Pune, Ratnagiri, Goa and Mumbai to Sawantwadi. Pune is 382 km and Mumbai is 539 km from Sawantwadi.

By Air

The nearest airport is Belgaum which is 64 km from Sawantwadi. Taxis and buses are available to travel from Belgaum to Sawantwadi.

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