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Dahanu Bordi

Dahanu Bordi is a Beach which is situated in Thane region of Maharashtra in Mumbai. The well-known beach is placed 145 kilometers off from Mumbai. The nearby airport is in Mumbai. Extended over a space of 17 kilometers, this Beach is considered as one of the top places to visit, if one is looking for a calm and comforting weekend trip then Bordi Beach is the best. This stunning beach is located next to Dahanu Road in Thane locality.

This beach is an extremely secure beach as the streams doesn’t rise over the waist upto 400 meters. The whole stretch of this beach from Dahanu upto Bordi is approximately 17 kms and is very charming. The specialty of this beach is that it is ordinary and quiet even if this beach is linked with slight town as it is immaculate and energizing.

Attractions Around the Beach

This beach is well-known for chickoos. One should also keep in mind to visit or to stay at Udwada - Mecca of Zoroastrians, which is available from Dahanu. Astonishing temples, houses and the holy fire of Zoroastrians have also made the best attractions there. This beach is among the top major attractions of this district. One will be astonished to recognize that the blaze has been reserved for more than 100 years.

Some of the other nearby attractions around this beach is Mahalaxmi Mandir Dahanu, Kalpataru Botanical Gardens and Zoroastrian Heritage Museum and Behram etc. Dahanu Bordi beach is also well known for its eminent delicious capsicum and coconuts and tadee - a liquid (juice) of palm tree. This beach is also recognized for its caring life environment that has now turned into a massive traveler places in Mumbai.

Popular Activities Done at this Beach

This golden sandy Beach is perfect for outings and also for family excursions. It is also a well-liked option for picnics, get together and seashore walking trips. One will get pleasure from comforting by the beach and listen to the hum of the sea waves. This seashore is also greatly admired as a holy house for them (Zoroastrians). Also, one should not neglect and miss the local specialties such as Puran poli and Shreekhand.

Directions to Reach the Beach

This Beach is extremely suitably situated and is easy to get here from all the new parts of the state. One can reach there via rail and flight. One may also get a flight towards Mumbai, and then he can acquire a car just to reach this Beach in least possible time. The nearby station (railway) is Gholwad.

This Beach may also be arrived by road. Since, Dahanu is 15 kilometers from Bordi one can catch western highway express from Mumbai (which moves from Gujarat towards Ahmedabad) - through Thane - Jawhar. It is also a fine idea to acquire the highway road just from Manor which heads to Dahanu, with an aim to arrive at Bordi. Also, one can get some car or luxury means of transport, to arrive at there in an hour.

Art and Tradition of the People

There are generally Warli and other tribes who live in Dahanu- Bordi. The citizens in Dahanu-Bordi taluka are mainly tribal, mostly inhabiting rustic areas and having daily transform to town areas for the work. Tribal culture is overriding in the talk and ethnicity. This tribal art is mainly primarily shows rural community life and the daytime functions. The innovative people of this terra firma are tribal. World well-known art named varli which is originated here from the same tribe. Lots of foreign candidates have resided in these tribal settlements for getting knowledge about this art. Similarly, the dance named Tarpa dance is famous all over the globe.

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