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Kihim And Mandawa

Located at about 18 km to the northern end of Alibaug are the twin beaches of Mandwa and Kihim. Adorned with lush coconut trees and an ambience which can calm anyone, both these beaches are quite popular among the residents of Mumbai as well as other surrounding areas. The fact that Mandwa beach is usually empty makes it ideal for a visit when you are looking for a good “me-time”.

Mandwa Beach

The Mandwa beach is extremely beautiful and allows you to bask in the captivating view across the bay to the Gateway of India. From here, you can also take a ferry to the Gateway of India, which of course, will be a ride to remember. You can also spend some quality time at the beach with your partner in this paradise of nature.

Kihim Beach

Kihim stands out from most of the other beaches in the nearby areas due to the fact that it is least bit polluted. Plus, it has accommodated a large number of attractions including synagogues, historic forts, churches, Murud Beach and Chaul and not to forget - the fascinating tower of St. Barbara.

Also, at Kihim beach, you can enjoy the special M. T. D. C.’s ‘Tent Holiday’ which has all sorts of futuristic facilities and benefits. Here, you can take shelter in tents so that while you are at convenience with the modern facilities, you get to enjoy the sheer tranquility of the ambience too. Many people tired of the hectic city lives visit this place to reduce stress and anxieties.

Things to do

Visit the Shivling at Kihim Beach

If you will visit Kihim beach during the months of Shravan then you can get to see the Special Holy Shivling - which appears at the beach every year during this period mysteriously. Due to the same reason, many devotees flock the beach to visit this Shivling and pay tributes to the lord Shiva.

Kankeshwar Temple

About 3 kms away from the Kihim beach is the Kankeshwar Temple located at the hill in Mapgaon. This temple is a major attraction and as you will trek up the hill you will also come across the “Bramha Kund” which is a rectangular tank surrounded by steps on all four sides with a resemblance to Pushkarini temple in Hampi - also a popular attraction.

Participate in Water Sports

If you love to experience adventure and thrill, then at Kihim beach, you can find all sorts of water sports and parasailing facilities available for a reasonable fee.

Enjoy Local Delicacies

If you are a foodie, then you can get some really delicious and lip smacking snacks from the food stalls and vendors present at or around the beach. The general snacks include “vada-pav”, “bhel-puri” and “pav-bhaji”.

Taking a ride in Pedal Boats

If you are with kids then taking a ride or pedaling boats can be a good way to spend some time at the Kihim beach. There is a boating 'club' in the pond at the left just as you will enter the rustic village of Kihim.

How to Get There

By Air

The nearest airport to the Mandwa and Kihim Beach is the Mumbai airport which is located about 136 km away. However, facilities of cabs and local transport are easily available there.

By Rail

You can reach the Mandwa and Kihim Beach by rail through Panvel which is the nearest railhead located about 85 kms. From here, you can take a bus or a cab.

By Road

If you are travelling via road then there are multiple routes that you can follow. In a nutshell- the route covered as Mumbai-Panvel-Pen-Alibaug-Kihim will be about 136 Kms. From Alibaug, you can reach Kihim by covering about 12 kms and from Panvel, the same would be about 85 kms. From Mumbai, you can even take a ferry which is available every day-unless it is monsoon.

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