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Chowpatty Beach

Among the top most beaches located in the city of Mumbai Chowpatty beach is most favorite among the local people of city. This is beach gives a scenic view during the sunrise and sunset times. This beach is visit for feeling relaxed after the tiring days’ work. The beach is favorable among the people of all ages offering scenic view to its visitors. There are various vendors who sell eatables like roasted peanuts, chats, panipuri etc. Vendors are also seen selling products like balloons, toys, roasted peanuts, spicy raw mango etc. Every visitor to the city of Mumbai makes it sure to at least visit the Chowpatty beach. The beach is also adorned with the statue made of bronze of the cop who nabbed Kasab, the terrorist. This statue was erected on 26th November 2011.

Activities to Do

  • The monkey shows, snake charmers perform various activities to entertain people visiting Chowpatty beach. Fortune-teller also strolls along the beach to grab attention of visitors.
  • The other famous activities are horse ride and camel ride.
  • Many people perform yoga at the beach side and also come for early morning and evening jogs.
  • Few of the activities organized especially for the kids are merry-go-rounds, beebee gun shooting, ferry wheels rides etc.
  • At time s visitors can also see shootings of some movie being performed at beach to street shows organized by some theater groups.

How to Reach


The nearest airport is located in Mumbai.


The closest rail line to reach the Chowpatty beach is the Churchgate station. Further local trains can be taken to reach Charni road and one can then walk to reach beach.


The beach is very well connected by the road system of the city of Mumbai. Auto-Rickshaw and local taxi can be taken to reach the Chowpatty beach. Local city buses can also be taken to reach the beach.

Best time to Visit

The Chowpatty beach can be visited throughout the day. The beach remains less crowded during the morning time while the beach sees maximum crowd during evening. During the monsoon time visit to beach is not very great idea because of high tides and water logging at various places that could prove dangerous. Months from October to May are considered to be more favorable time to visit the beach. At the time of “Ganesh Chaturthi”, people visit the beach to immerse the sacred idol of Lord Ganesha.

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