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Versova Beach

Surrounded by vast Arabian Sea, Mumbai houses a broad array of beautiful and iconic beaches with glorious sunsets and mesmerizing beauty. Situated near Andheri region in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Versova Beach offers stunning vistas of colossal Arabian Sea at sunset and sunrise. It is located in the district of Greater Mumbai and is renowned for its lashing waves. The near-secluded coastline of this beach is actually the continuation of the iconic beach of Mumbai, the Juhu Beach and lies on the north of Juhu Beach. A small creek separates this beach from Juhu beach and the namesake village located on the shore this beach is renowned for being the home of traditional Konkan people – the Kolis.  Kolis are a large fishing community living in Mumbai. This beach is a tranquil place to spend evening and mornings and one can spend hours watching fishermen doing their regular chores like preparing their nets, boats and heading out to capture the fresh catch of the day. The deep treacherous hole and whirlpools are an inseparable part of this beach, thus it is not suitable for water sports or swimming.

This beach is also famous for its fish markets across the entire Mumbai, as it offers its customers a wide variety of fresh seafood. The best time to visit this beach is from September to May, as the weather is awesome in this period and the levels of humidity are lowest.


During ancient times, Versova beach used to serve as one of the cardinal ports in Mumbai for port side transactions.

Beach Attractions

Sunsets are one of the most admired attractions of this beach. While taking a walk on this beach in the evening, one can catch the glimpse of one of the most beautiful sunsets leaving behind the picturesque patches of red hues on the astoundingly beautiful water.

When on the beach, you will witness gigantic and colossal rocks bordering the beach. Susceptible to whirlpools and high tides, this beach is a weak spot for natural disasters. Thus, rocks act as buffer and protect the beach village from the never ending high tides of Arabian Sea. However, what is more surreal on this beach is to watch the Koli fishermen heading out with their fishing nets into the big blue to catch fresh fish.

Owing to its picturesque scenery, this is an astounding beach to be. But, one of the major attractions of the beach is the beach festivals celebrated on this beach. The Kolis community celebrates a festival called the “Coconut Day” where they offer coconuts to the God of the Sea. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the magnificent festivals celebrated on a very large scale on this beach in which locals immerse idols of Ganesha into the water while praying for their family’s happiness, prosperity and good health.

Special Attractions

Versova beach is located on one of the most strategic locations in Mumbai and thus catching nearby attractions and places of interest is not difficult. Some of the most visited places near Versova beach include:

  • Isckon Temple
  • Juhu Beach
  • Versova Village Fish Market

How to Reach


The nearest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport located in the Mumbai itself.


The nearest railway station is the Andheri local railway station.


Versova is well connected to all the major bus stations in Mumbai, and Mumbai is also well connected with a developed road network with many other cities like Pune, Bangalore, Kolhapur, Nagpur and many more.

Where to Stay

Mumbai is one of the most developed and urban cities in India and is home to a variety of industries including the Film Industry. Thus, one can easily find the best hotels suiting every budget, ranging from 7-star and 5-star properties to economical guest houses. Andheri located near Versova beach has a large number of hotels for tourists.

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