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Kelwa Beach

Kelwa beach is also known as Kelwa or Kelva beach. It is the most beautiful tourist attraction near Palghar in Maharashtra. It is a weekend gateway located 80 km away from Mumbai. The beach is about 8 km long along the coastline of the splendid Arabian Sea. It is arguably the largest beach in Thane District. The presence of casuarinas trees in abundance along the coast is the most unique feature of this beach.

It is true that the beach is yet to become a famous travel destination but the fact that the place becomes overcrowded with tourists from nearby towns and states during weekends is indication enough that it is slowly and steadily getting popular with the passage of time.

Places of Interest

There are quite a few things that would attract your attention in and around this beach.

Kelwa Dam

Kelwa dam has been constructed several years ago as a source of irrigation for grass farming in Palghar. The dam site makes a good tourist spot for evening tours. During weekends, many people visit this dam. There is a garden located in close proximity, which adds to the attraction of Kelwa dam site.

Shitla Devi Temple

A Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Shitla Devi is to be found just besides the beach. As per popular belief, Luv and Kush, sons of Lord Rama, grew up here when Sita was exiled for the second time.


There are a total of three forts on Kelwa beach. One fort remains submerged in sea water at the time of high tides. The same is located at the southern part of the beach. Another fort is to be found close to the northern end surrounded with coniferous trees.


There is a small park located nearby to the beach. If you are traveling with children, this is a good place to be in.

Things to Do

A lot of activities can be enjoyed here. One can enjoy horse cart ride and camel ride here. There is scope for parasailing as well if you are inclined to adventurous sports. Watching the big boats pass and seeing the fisherman’s boat coming to the shore, sailing through the rivulet allow you a nice time here.

Weather/Best Time to Visit

This beach town has a warm, humid and tropical climate. The winter season is marked by the onset of December and remains till February. During winter, the temperature ranges between 17°C and 33°C. Summer period from March and June witness average of temperature of 33°C, which can go upto 40°C. Kelwa can be visited anytime of the year but it is idea to visit between September and March. However, avoid coming to this place in October since the place remains quite hot in this month.

Where to Stay?

There are seven hotels in Kelwa ranging from budget to standard types. Most of them are resorts. Tourists can enjoy a nice stay in these hotels or resorts with modern amenities.

How to Reach


The nearest railway station is Kelwa station. The beach town is connected by day train with Mumbai and overnight train with Ahmedabad.


The nearest airport to Kelwa beach is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, located in Mumbai, at a distance of 123 kms.


Kelwa is well connected with roadways. Buses are frequently available from Mumbai and surrounding cities to Kelwa.

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