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Ganapatipule is a small town in Maharashtra having one of the most stunning seashores down the Konkan Coast - a pleasant get away which attracts peace finders, beach lovers, and pilgrims, etc.

The place of worship of Swayambhu Ganesh is a great deal frequented by a no. of persons every year. The God’s idol is considered as Paschim Dwardevta (Western Sentinel deity of India) and all those persons who stay at Ganapatipule formulate it a spot to give their good wishes to this grand goddess.

Away from its fresh beach and lucid water, Ganapatipule is affluent in flora, as well as mangroves and coconut palms.  Here, one can abscond the chaotic world behind as one lazes around on fair-haired sands and travel around many trails which lead from this beach.

Special Attractions at this Place

The Ganapatipule seashore is hygienic with excellent hoary white sand. This beach is not secure for swimming as it contains stretches of the rocks and there is a pond also. The daring tourists can endeavor their hands at harmonizing a kayak. This place is well fitted for the whole family to get pleasure from a public holiday or a break. At the ending of this beach there is a tiny sea cliff. This view from a pinnacle is in fact charming. The trails of cashew and mango plants may be seen creased down the seashore. The guests can take pleasure in Marathi vegan delicacies at this beach.

Transportation in Ganapatipule

This town is simply available from the capital of Ratnagiri, which has a station (railway) and an airport.

Via Road

This place named Ganapatipule is 32 kilometer from Nivali, an undersized village lying on Mumbai Goa Road. Just from Nivali, a person has to get right turn to reach Ganapatipule. Nivali to Ratnagiri is approximately 20 km and Nivali to Hatkhamba is about 4 kilometer. From Hatkhamba, one must take right twirl for Ratnagiri, which is exactly 16 kilometer from this place. A place named Sangameshwar is around 25 kilometer from Nivali and from Chiplun, it is 45 kilometers and from Ganapatipule one may unswervingly move towards Ratnagiri without approaching to Nivali and going from Hatkhamba.

The straight road is complete of turns and little thin compared to National Highway-17. But this expedition is filled with natural prettiness and seashore sight. This distance is about 30 kilometers. Mumbai is 375 kilometers far from Mahad and Pune is 331 kilometers away by Satara. For quick journey, Ganapatipule is well linked with cities through state transportation buses. Buses are also accessible from main cities like Mumbai and Pune, Sangli and Sholapur upto Ratnagiri and finally from Ratnagiri, confidential cabs also work to the city.

Via Rail

There is not any railway station at this place. The adjacent Railway station is at Ratnagiri and Bhoke. All express trains and local trains end at Ratnagiri, being a town. Bhoke is a diminutive rural community and only traveler trains will discontinue there. All bus services are easily accessible from Sangameshwar station. Some nearby rail junctions are: Pune Junction, a Central Railway, Miraj Junction, a Central Railway and Madgaon Junction, a Konkan Railway, etc.

Climate in Ganapatipule

Winter (from late October up to mid-February) is mainly the most enjoyable season, with temperatures falling at nights. Commencing from March, temperature starts increasing but infrequently crosses 30°Celsius and May is always the hottest month with a temperature getting 35°Celsius. The monsoon continues from June up to October, when showers (rains) are generally abundant and ordinary.

Climate and Best Season to Visit

The weather in Ganapatipule is classic coastal weather with hot and wet feeling. The summer is quiet hot with highest warmth nearly stirring 38°Celcius. Normal rainfall is obtained in the Konkan area throughout the downpour season (from June to September). Winter is lovely with fair day warmth and breezy nights. Gauri Ganapati and Magh Chaturthi happen around in February and are celebrated with much goodness and eagerness. The best time to stay here is from October and up to February.

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