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Akshi Beach

Akshi beach is very long sandy beach that can be seen in many of the Bollywood movies. This beach is a perfect beach for spending weekends. This beach is a perfect place for those who like to take long walks around the beach. The long Akshi beach extends up to Nagaon beach. The beach is considered to be visited mostly by the young couples.

Beach Attractions

This beach has been ranked as the most romantic beach of Alibaug. The beach is surrounded by Suru trees lined along the long Akshi beach.

Bird Watching

The clear white sand and crystal clear waters of Akshi beach with very high numbers of Suru trees becomes a habitat place for many types of birds that proves a delight for bird watchers.

Colaba Fort

The sea fort located just one km away from Alibaug is the Colaba sea fort. The fort must be visited only when there are low tides in the sea since the narrow path leading to fort is only visible during low tides and during high tides this narrow strip gets submerged into the water of high tides. In the premises of the fort one can view the cannons in the 17 bastions and the fort also adorns “Mahadarwaja”. One has to pay a minimal fee to visit the fort. This fee is levied by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The fort remains open throughout the year.


This is a small colony of fisherman that is located near Kihim. It is a beautiful beach other than the smell of fishes that are dried all along the beach of Varsoli.

Kankeshwar Temple

The temple is located at a distance of 3 Kms from Kihim beach located in Mapgaon. One can trek from the beach to the hill where Kankeshwar temple is located and on the trek path is located a rectangular tank named “Brahma Kund” that is enclosed within steps with impressions of Pushkarni in Hampi. The temple was built by Ramdeoraj Yadav during 1764. The idol in the temple has been made out of silver.

How to Reach

The beach is located very near to bus depot of Alibaug. The distance between Nagaon beach and Akshi beach is around 7 KM.

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