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Harnai is situated 15 km from Dapoli district Maharashtra (200km from Mumbai). It houses beaches, forts, temples, caves and hot water springs. Harnai promises a quiet and peaceful natural harbor, clear waters, delicious sea food, beautiful seascape and rocky coasts. Harnai is a place blended with olden styles of Maratha architectural buildings and the modern terraced buildings and ancient temples.

Murud Harnai

Murud is a small town on the sea coast, about 12 kilometers from Dapoli about 35 kms from Khed (NH-17) boasts of most beautiful and longest beach in Konkan region with secluded Harnai Beach the serene and clean beach with softy sands green surroundings, rural character, the ancient historical Forts, and so many ancient temples. It has been known for its prolific Dolphin sightings and paragliding and Boat rides into Arabian Sea.

Harnai port is the main fishing village. The fish auction is an essential trade step between fish landings and the trade. Varieties of fishes are auctioned and exported to local and international market.

Tourist Attractions

The main tourist attractions of Harnai are

Suvarnadurg Fort

It lies on the beautiful Harnai coast showcasing architecture, history of Maratha Located 17 km from Dapoli at Harnai, the Suvarnadurg ‘boat travelled’ fort consists of two forts: Kanakdurg and Suvarnadurg the land and sea fort. It is a small sea port built by Adil Shahi dynasty and later conquered by great emperor Shivaji and later converted to a ship building port in Maharashtra. From Kanakdurg Fort (a sub fort of Suvarnadurg) Fategad, ecstatic view of fishing boats and sunset can be viewed.

Anjarle Ganesh Temple

It is a famous ancient 12th Century temple set on a cliff in which the Ganesh idol is right-sided (trunk curves towards the right) which is rare. Anjarle beach located to close vicinity is an unexplored tourist destination

Burundi Beach

It is in close proximity to Harnai, the natural emerald green beauty of the beach converges with the nature’s blue clear skies. Cool breeze, gushing waves, the clear sands and greenery make Burundi a unique tourist destination

Durgadevi Temple

A celebrated temple of the 18th Century in the Konkan belt is located nearby Harnai beach dedicated to Durga Devi (Goddess Mother) visited regularly by devotees.

The temple talks of architectural style consisting of beautifully carved 28 wooden pillars and the grandeur entrance is adorned by a large bell. There is a cool water pond used for the temple rituals behind the temple.

Siddhi Vinayak Temple

It is an ancient famous temple near Harnai located in Dapoli town built around Madhavarao Peshwa period in 18th century with the prime deity as the Lord Ganesh made in marble. The temple encloses a stone staircase of about 250 steps placed on a high mount, and a big hall with many pillars and a dome with an attractive lake in the front. The Vinayak Chaturthi festival celebrations here are a feast to the eyes. Siddhi Vinayak Temple is one of such important ancient temple dating back to 18th century attended by regular devotees and tourists. Shri Siddi Vinayak has high blessing power to remove all obstacles in the path of prosperity of the devotees. 

Unhavare - Hot Water Springs

There are natural hot water springs at Unhavare Village, which is 35 km from Dapoli are a famous tourist attraction a Many legendary stories are associated with this spring having medicinal or magical power and medicinal value and a dip in the Unhavare Hot Water Springs is said to cure skin and body ailments. Lots of people from surrounding areas come here regularly to bath in the Hot Sulphur water springs. Separate accommodation are made for men and women to take a dip in the rejuvenating hot water

Karde Beach

It is an idyllic beach front in Murud Harnai area around which many hotels are located.

How to Reach Harnai


Nearest Airports are Mumbai and Pune


Nearest Railway Stations are  Khed(37kms), Chiplun(69kms), Kolad(146kms)


By Maharashtra Government Buses from Mumbai, Pune and Mahad to Harnai.
By NH-17 via Pune  is 212 Kms
By NH-17 via Mumbai is 260 Kms

Where to Stay

Harnai area has many Paying Guest accommodations and mid-segment beach hotels being a major tourist attraction for the Weekenders of Mumbai and Pune.

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