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Vengurla Malvan

Vengurla is a unique terrain of land that is surrounded by a semi-circular patch of green flora which includes exotic fruit-bearing trees. Vengurla is famous for its high quality cashew nuts, coconuts and luscious mangoes. There are various types of berry trees as well in this village that’s blessed by nature with an abundance of greenery. Located in the Malvan taluka, Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra in the famed Konkan region, Vengurla lies north of Goa. Apart from the serene beaches and greenery, the place is also known for its cultural heritage.


Vengurla was an extremely busy port many centuries ago but has lost its commercial relevance because of some disturbing incidents. It was the target of violent attacks and was plundered twice in 1664 and 1812. It was one of the busiest ports during those times and did extremely good trading business. The evidence of those heady days still stands tall here in the form of gigantic warehouses, sprawling godowns and large trading centers. The port was used a key trading point during the reign of Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj.

Today, Vengurla is known for its well-maintained and stunning beachfronts, its natural beauty and the green carpeted terrain that attracts tourists from across the globe all round the year. Vengurla is also home to the legendary Shri Devi Sateri Temple. The Rameshwar temple also attracts many tourists from all over India. A visit to the Burnt Islands is another high point of any tourist visit. The Padmagad fort is situated in the old one of the former trading centers, now known as Malvan.

Main Attractions

The Vengurla is definitely more famous for its large stretches of white sand beach with an abundance of mango, cashew, jackfruit and coconut trees. This whole region is thickly covered with palm trees.

Vengurla Jetty made of cement and wood can still berth boats. The old light house is situated above the hill and gives the jetty an imperial look. The shores of Goa and the Terekhol River can be viewed from here.

The Mochemad village near Vengurla nestles amongst the hills and mountains and creates the impressions of the village being rested in a bowl. The soft sand beach stretches endlessly. The Suru trees that are typical to Malvan can be seen swaying to the music of the gently blowing winds on the coastline.

The Vayangani beach is another major point of tourist attraction, not only for the pristine clean and beautiful seashore but also for the abundance of greenery and natural beauty of the surroundings. Tourists can enjoy deliciously fresh mangoes, jackfruits and cashew nuts as well as tender coconuts at dirt cheap prices.

There are places of religious importance too including the Sagareshwar temple whose resident deity is Lord Shiva. Other temples include those of Hindu deity Lord Vithoba and the Sateri Devi Mandir situated in Aravali at a short distance from Vengurla.

Another must-see place for visitors is the Konkan Farming University which has a Fruit Research Center wing too.
Today, Vengurla Malvan is known for its salt pans and China clay pottery. The Malvan cuisine is unique and has carved a special niche in the hearts of connoisseurs of gourmet food.  

How to Reach Vengurla

By Bus

A number of tour operators run their package services from various parts of Maharashtra. State-owned buses are also available from Mumbai, Pune, Chiplun, Goa and other cities. Vengurla is 522 km from Mumbai. From Ratnagiri the distance is 200 km.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Kudal on the Konkan Railway.

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